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Radeon gets big boost in next opengl driver:

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    Radeon gets big boost in next opengl driver:

    After giving a major performance boost in the DirectX 11 API, AMD seems to be gearing up to deliver a similar boost to OpenGL applications with the upcoming Windows 11 22H2 GPU driver aimed at Radeon graphics solutions.

    Guru3D's forum member, The Creator, managed to receive the update in Windows 11 and was able to confirm that this is indeed a new driver from the GPU-z 'WDDM" information tab:

    Direct3D Driver Version - vs (22.5.2)
    Vulkan Driver Version - 2.0.225 vs 2.0.226 (22.5.2)
    OpenCL Driver Version - 10.0.3426.0 vs 10.0.3417.0 (22.5.2)
    OpenGL Driver Version - 22.05.Beta Release

    The user also managed to run a few performance benchmarks which show a 55% gain in Unigine Valley Benchmark which is now comparable to DirectX 11. In Unigine Superposition, the Radeon GPUs will be getting a 34% performance boost which is around 20% slower than DirectX 11 but not the massive 52% difference that was seen on the previous drivers. In the Unigine Heaven benchmark, the new drivers deliver the opposite results with the new drivers witnessing a 26% reduction in the GPU performance.
    Not bad but like the DX 11 driver itll be case by case...
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