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Graphical smoothness, radeon settings

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    Graphical smoothness, radeon settings

    Something I've been struggling with for a long time, and maybe just got figured out?

    I've been having massive frame stuttering, that makes some games just feel gross. Not all games, just some, sometimes. Also seems like different radeon driver versions change settings around, etc., so it's been hard to nail down when I get things working right.

    I've been playing with settings across a bunch of games over the last couple weeks. Here are the settings that seem to make everything work smoothly.
    • Freesync ON, of course.
    • Enhanced sync ON, seems to fix alot of games all by itself.
    • Radeon Chill OFF. Some people say you can use this as a per-game fps limiter, but I seem to still get frame stutters with it on.
    • Frame rate target control ON, set to 140fps, a few fps lower than my monitor's 144hz refresh rate. While many games respond well when I set it to my monitor's full refresh rate (144hz), there's a handful of games that can't seem to lock properly to that fps limit, and still go slightly over, and wreaks havok with my frame pacing. So instead, I bumped it down a few frames lower. Limiting to 140fps has fixed the remaining games I tried.
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