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    Metal Gear Solid 2

    I've posted this before but no one cared, maybe it's because I'm the only one playing this game, I dunno. Anyway, Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance refuses to work with the WHQL 3.10 drivers. Anytime they're installed, the screen is entirely green and nothing can be seen. With the Beta 3.10 drivers (Call of Duty hotfix ones), the game runs perfectly. What I've done time and again is uninstall those via the control panel and then use drivercleaner to delete any extraneous files. The moment the WHQL official drivers are installed, MGS2 looks horrible again (all green). Reverting to the Beta set allows me to play the game perfectly. I think something was changed between the 2 sets to account for this behaviour. The only thing I can see as being changed is the name of the video device. With the Betas it is 9800 Pro, with the WHQL ones it is All in Wonder 9800 Pro. Maybe this accounts for the change? Any help would be much appreciated, I have recreated this problem on my system several times. Other people say MGS2 works fine with the latest drivers, maybe it's a problem with the AIW line of cards? Could someone please confirm this for me. Thank you.

    AMD Athlon XP 2800+
    Asus A7N8X Rev 2.00 (nForce2 3.13 drivers)
    AIW 9800 Pro
    512 Meg RAM
    120 Gigabyte Hard drive

    use whatever driver works for u 4.1s are released soon so maybe those will help i do not have the game to test or i would
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      Metal Gear solid works fine for me, not tried it on my 8500 AIW card though, I'll do that tomorrow
      I do work for AMD
      AMD/ATI Beta Tester