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finally solved my styttering issue on my 9700!!

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    finally solved my styttering issue on my 9700!!

    Ok I has a issue with stuttering on my 9700 and it only happened on Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal 2. No other games had a problem not even doom 3 alpha. I tried every thing I could think of in the way of settings, drivers and etc. So I figured it was just a problem with that game engine and left it at that. After all it still played smooth just every few seconds looked like it dropped FPS but it really didnt.

    Well recently decided to make a last ditch effort and take the 256mb ddr mem out of my other system and put it in this one to see what effects it might have on overall system performance. To my suprise UT2k3 and U2 no longer stuttered..and when you are first in the level and press fire to begin the match seemed to go a bit faster didnt have a long pause to it anymore. Didnt notice much of and improvement elsewhere but hey it stopped stuttering lol. In my posts and everything I read nowhere did anyone mention anything about 256mb being too little memory lol. Hell I've never known 256mb to be too little memory.

    Just wanted to pass this along especially now that memory prices have fallen pretty good. Maybe I'll just buy 2 512mb sticks since prices have fallen so much and be done with it.
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    state of the industry lately. need a sh!tload of ram. I'm tossing around the idea of a gig, too.


      Amen to that!

      I just got done with a rig for a friend that was better than mine in every way...except it only had 256MB compared to my 512MB.

      It played everything better but Unreal2 & UT2k3 too, and it stuttered and skipped like the bejesus on them....on a GF4 ti4200 300/600.

      I think 512MB is minimum for gaming, I wanna get a new mobo/cpu so I can get a gig. (My c/tusl2-c's can only go up to 512MB )
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