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[Rumor] Specs for AMD Radeon HD 7990 disclosed?

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    [Rumor] Specs for AMD Radeon HD 7990 disclosed?

    At this time there is almost all technical data required to talk about AMD’s next Dual-GPU graphics card.

    The naming scheme for HD 6900 series cards brought some changes to card positioning. Follow it, the next flagship targeted at Q2 2012 should carry the name of AMD Radeon HD 7990 after successful launch of Radeon HD 6990 – current AMD’s flagship. There is no secret that Radeon HD 7000 line-up will use 28nm process technology manufactured chips, compared to 40nm chips used for latest Radeon HD 6000 products.

    (please visit the source link for the specifications)...

    Source: hw-lab

    3200 SPs and 256 TMUs?
    3200/4 = 800 VLIW4 Units.
    800/16 = 50 SIMDs.
    4 TMUS per SIMD
    4 * 50 = 200 TMUs
    Something is wrong.
    256/4 = 64 SIMDs
    64*16 = 1024 VLIW4 Units
    1024*4 = 4096 SPs.
    Something is wrong again.

    Oh dear: The source of this BS is
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      thats funny as hell, somebody makes up stuff at semi-accurate and half the web runs with it!


        2nd quarter 2012 sounds about right, maybe a little bit after, this is the 7990. Markets with inflated currency will probably also be evaluated, meaning something like this may just cost way to much to even be viable in 2012. Then the question will be, who would actually need something like this? Of course 3d EyeFinity resolutions may bring it down close to the ground, meaning we still need more power .
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          I remember reading that over at S|A months ago. Obviously posed as a wild, half serious, straight from imagination out of left field guess. Wow, internet journalism at it's unfettered best.

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