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    Displayport vga adapters

    Just got my eyefinity 5870 and have a couple of HP Displayport to vga adapters on the way.(162mhz ramdac)
    However I have just realised they are only capable of 1600x1200 at 60Hz

    I bought the HP ones becasue they seem to be problem free for everyone.
    Unless I can source something with 250mhz or greater ramdac I feel like I have taken a step back in that respect.

    Anyone heard of any high quality adapters?

    I was expecting at least 85hz at 1600x1200 but hoping for 100Hz.

    I did get the eyefinity model for the extra display support, but loosing the abilty to dial up the refresh rate on my crt is making me a little sad.

    The monitor is capable of 2048 x 1536 @ 50 to 86 Hz, but I usualy stick to the 1600 x 1200 @ 50 to 109hz.

    I suspect you're going to be in a tiny, tiny minority of people using CRT's in an Eyefinity setup, tbh.

    In fact, you might be about the only one
    Be-diddly ding dong


      I will be using 2 crts and lcd,
      eyefinity is working however the CRTs are only allowing me to set 1280x1024 max using the displayport to vga adapters, I should be able to get 1600.

      That is an ATI bug, a lot of CRT's are still used by people who need accurate colour profiles, I guess they will stick with nvidia quadros...

      I will not upgrade to new monitors until LED 120hz are available, my LCD is a 2ms samsung, still only supports 60Hz, I was using it as the control screen for my Home theatre. Tempted by samsung 2233rz's but I need colour accuracy.
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        Well, is it really an ATI bug... or a shortcoming of the hardware.

        You are after all supposed to use DisplayPort monitors for the perfect Eyefinity experience, the adapters are really just a workaround.

        So maybe it's just the adapters that are limited, and you should be on to their manufacturers...?

        Btw, are you using passive or active? I think the active ones are supposed to support higher res (and perhaps higher refresh rates)
        Be-diddly ding dong


          hp display to vga adapter AS615AA, rev D (it is active)

          supported rez

          640x480 85
          800x600 85
          1024x768 85
          1280x720 85
          1280x1024 85
          1440x900 75
          1600x1200 60
          1680x1050 60
          1920x1080 60-Reduced blanking
          1920x1200 60-Reduced blanking

          I have used it in 3x1 1280x1024 eyefinty and it works.
          If I connect the adpapter/monitor by itself I still get only 1280x1024 max, meaning this is not a active display port issue.

          A lot of people have used these adapters in 1600 plus res's, I think the major difference is they are using LCDs plugged in through the vga port, which pretty much enumertae all res's as 60Hz

          All the hardware is capable, but the software is not willing.


            I managed to create custiom resolutions for my CRT's of 1680x1050.

            However everytime I try to create a display group it only gives 3840x1024

            I need display group with 5040x1050 to match my LCD's native resolution as the CRT's can pretty much do any resolution I want with out scaling.

            I am so close...any suggestions?