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Poor FPS in CS - advice appreciated

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    Poor FPS in CS - advice appreciated

    Right, I have a Radeon 9000 (non-pro) 128MB. When playing CS i get a steady 99fps untill I go into an open area with a few people in (4 or more). My FPS drops to about 40, somtimes lower but 40 is an average. If i go into an open area, ie u can see further, see more shapes or whatever is in the map fps drops to about 70 and fluctautes quite a bit.

    I'm pretty sure when i first got this I got a steady 99fps (certainly it didnt drop to 40 odd). I have antistropic and aliasing on max but changing them dosnt make *that* much diffrence, but fps is slightly higher, although textures look like **** as a result.

    I know I cant overclock this card (even by a small amount grahpics currupt a bit). But I'm wondering if this is likely to be some kind of driver issue, or is it just that my card is too ****?

    I also heard about the radeon tweak proggies that have hidden settings not in the Drivers. Is there likely to be a setting in there that could benifit me?

    Other info that might help:

    Runnin CS in open GL 800x600 @ 100hz
    XP2100 Processor @1.7Ghz
    K7S5A Mobo
    And the usual malarky.
    Also reinstalled a few days ago with the latest drivers but I still get nasty fps drop-age.


    Which CS? Steam 1.6? I personally find that although the features in 1.6 are nice the bugs kill it. Im gonna take some time tonight and see if I experience these drops.
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      Your problem will never be solved. And I don't think there is such thing as a 128mb Radeon 9000 that is non-pro.


        Originally posted by Deadpool
        Your problem will never be solved. And I don't think there is such thing as a 128mb Radeon 9000 that is non-pro.
        You can get the Radeon 9000 non-Pro with either 64MB or 128MB of onboard memory.
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          turn off v-sync for opengl. set it to 'always off'


            Also make sure Trueform is disabled.

            Even on my 9700 Pro it kills FPS in that game.

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              Yeah, CS 1.5

              I tried it with v-sync off, its a bit better, but it looks crap with the image tearing. I got truform off as well..

              Any other ideas?



                got your agp driver installed?
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