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S22 totally underwhelming?

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    S22 totally underwhelming?

    OK only rumours but from all the "leaks" the S22 seems massively underwhelming compared to the S21. TBH the S21 wasn't a massive upgrade over the S20 but this time around things look worse. Smaller size, smaller battery and same camera what really is the point.

    Are Samsung losing the plot and putting all their eggs in foldable phones for crazy prices. Really? Silly thing to do and could end up losing a lot of Samsung customers like me and I'm on the upgrade programme so basically an easy sell.

    Still a few months to go so let's see.
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    I was sorta excited about that idea of it having a fast RDNA2 based GPU and that what could mean/lead to. But now rumour is swirling that most S22's are going to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 895 instead globally, which won't have that RDNA2 based GPU.

    Otherwise... yea, not exactly hyped. I might go Pixel 6 instead when I upgrade from my S9+.
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