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    Resident Evil DS

    man, anyone esle picked this up? i just got it today, i know its been out for awhile but daaamn it brings back memories, at first the changes i heard about worried me but the new puzzles using the touch screen and mic seem good so far, that and the original untouched version is still in (untouched cept for the interface of course, and the knife..)

    only things that bother me tho is that in the rebirth mode, zombies seem to be easy and take less bullets to take down, tho its normal in the classic mode, just seems weird to me, that and theres a new guy saying "resident evil... DSsss" at the start game screen, he sounds like ****, i wish the original did it..

    but oh damn, hearing those classic voice acting lines again, in portable fassion.. it brought tears of joy to my eyes.. "what is it..!" ".......blood!" "NO! DONT..OPEN ...that DOORR!" or my personal fav "why dont you, the MAAASSTER of unlocking.. take it withyou."

    and who can forget the jill sandwich.. man barry burton rocks!

    I have the original for the Gamecube, but I couldn't get myself to play it much...I dunno...I find the controls very limiting, thus making the gameplay experience a little primative imo. It was fantastic as a Playstation 1 original, but it doesn't do justice to the much superior Gamecube.

    Though I would think bringing it to the DS would be in alike playing it on the PS 1, so in that sense it's probably more worth it.

    Oh, and RE4 was . A superb Gamecube original.


      wouldnt call the gamecube re1 the orignal.. while graphicaly/gameplay and sounds/acting was superior, theres just something.. i dunno "classic" about the orignal ps1 style graphics, i think its mostly the cheesy acting, so cheesy that makes it so ****ing awesome, however i think its the nostalgia, and now its portable and i can play it at work

      im hoping they do something similer to re2 and re3.. man oh man that would just kick so much arse.


        i would love to play the remake of re1 for gamecube but unfortunatly i dont have one.

        a similar remake of 2 would indeed kick much ass
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          How is the controls on the DS? I always see it and flirt with the idea of picking it up, but I never do because I am worried about controls.

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            depends on the games, so far for me the controls are fine, only thing i found annoying was trying to control mario in mario 64ds with the touch screen movement option with the "thumbpad".. but then theres still other modes to play, wario ware was awesome with stylus and using the mic, mario kart controled awesomely aswell.

            resident evil ds controls are the normal resident evil type (tho more similer to re4 with the quick turn and using L for quick knifing) and the touch screen is great for those first person knife action on zombies (tho it seems kinda pointless and its only in rebirth mode. but classic mode is still there so im not complaining) havent played that much yet but came across my first puzzle in the save room that wasnt there in the original today, didnt get time to play with it tho, since i only usualy play my ds during work breaks/long car trips to other sites blahblah)