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Truform and Neverwinter

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    Truform and Neverwinter

    Anyone knows if Truform is activated or supported in Neverwinter? I found the Truform=0 setting in the nwn.ini file and changing it to 1 didn't seem to do much.

    Anyway, excellent game especially with 4x Quality FSAA and 16x Aniso.

    as i recall it was added from patch 1.18

    A setting of one does'nt really do much but set it to 3 or 4 and you'll start to see truform really helping out

    the only problem is it seems that blizzard have'nt limited truform to just player models/NPC's but have added it to all ingame models(barrels,carts ect ect ect)and this really brings down your FPS using the higher settings

    will they fix this?????
    i dout it im still wait for them to fix the shiny waterthat seemed to stop working just before shipping on ATI cards which was around about the same time one of there dev's stated the effect was only do'able on nvidia cards.........

    i read that they are fixing that issue now and they could'nt understand why it just stopped working on ATI card just pria to going gold.......


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        I'm sure he meant bioware.

        I have the 1.11 version so will download the patch. Thankx!


          Gizmo, Truform set to one does a hell of a difference in the game.
          Just check the thread somewhere on the forum (Truform screenies or something like that) to see what TF=1 does in the game (or look for my nick using the search button).
          The problem is...Truform is implemented on everything, not just NPCs and the player and it'll freeze the system when trying to save. Turning it off, the problem goes away.


            Yes, but as has been said, TruForm=1 hardly does anything. You have to set it to about 3 to make it worth your while, but by then your fps are like in Morrowind!

            It's only implemented in the 1.19+ patches. I hope people aren't running with the 1.18 still as that one cripples all the enemy AI so they never use their special abilities. However, the 1.19 patch corrupts save games sometimes with TruForm enabled, so at the moment noone wins.


              Originally posted by Decado
              Doh my bad i ment Bioware

              id just finished play a little WC3 and somehow blizzard slipped in to my head
              sorry guys