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Die Hard Problems

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    Die Hard Problems

    I just installed nakatomi plaza, and im having some serious graphical problems.
    Check these screens and see if you can help.

    As you can see, some pretty nasty corruption/artifacts there.
    Im using the 9050 drivers on a radeon 8500LE (super grace) running at stock clocks.A p4 [email protected] on a p4b266, 512mb crucial pc2100.All latest chipset drivers too.
    Any ideas?


    Is that the demo or the full game?

    The readme file mentions problems with the Radeon range of cards.


      Full Game
      I promised myself i would hold out for nv30 or the 9700, but if things like this keep happening im gunna buy earlier


        Patched it yet?

        This update resolves some known issues with Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza and the combination of the ATI Radeon 8500 video card and Windows XP.

        Who knows? Maybe it's good for Win9X/ME OSes.

        Also, you can try AGP2X instead of AGP4X and keep in mind you're using BETA LEAKED UNSUPPORTED drivers.


          If the patch dont work you'll need to disable T&L with a tweeker(i used unituner)to get the models to display properly
          just dont forget to turn it back on for all your other games


            "keep in mind you're using BETA LEAKED UNSUPPORTED drivers."

            Yeah im not an idiot.Unfortunately it doesnt matter which drivers you use, they all have at least one bug.