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Connection Problem In Multiplayer Games.

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    Connection Problem In Multiplayer Games.

    I have been experiencing some problems with multiplayer games. Let me give you my scenario. I would be playing SOF2 MP or RTCW MP all is fine for awhile and then BAM out of nowhere I get lag insanely or I lose my Internet Connection. I have ROGERS @HOME cable Internet. This doesn't happen unless I'm playing Multiplayer games. I can download for ages with no problem, but as soon as I play games it dies. What's the problem? I know how to fix it tho...Restarting my computer. But that's ridiculous. I have tried calling their Technical Support. But no go. Not much help from them. Help please.
    Specifications Here

    I had simliar problems way back.... I cant remember what i did to fix them. Personally, i dont think i did anything... It just fixed itself i believe..
    I think this was happening when Rogers was upgrading near my hood... At first i thought it might be my modem. I have an really old one, its about 10lbs of heat sink. NO plastic anywhere, so i thought it might of been out of date. But no, they said its fine and its one of the more reliable kinds out there.

    So i called, called and called complaining about it until one day i noticed it was ok.

    Again, this was years ago.