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GLQuake crashes at start-up!!!

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    GLQuake crashes at start-up!!!

    I've written, called and pesterd ATI to release a damned OpenGL fix for GLQuake so I can finally get rid of my 3dfx Voodoo5-5500!!! Why don't they do it!?!

    I've never had any trouble running GLQuake. Did you try renaming the OpenGL32.dll in the game folder so the game will see the ATI card and not Glide? Also, add this option to the cammand line to fix lighting effect.

    GLQUAKE.EXE -nomtex

    Other usfull settings I've placed in a CFG file:

    gl_flashblend "0" // Full screen Flashes.
    r_shadows "1" // Objects cast shadows.
    gl_texturemode "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR" // Texture Distance Blending.
    gl_triplebuffer "1" // Use triple buffering.

    Also try renaming the CONFIG.CFG file and let the game rebuild it. there might be something in there that is referencing the voodoo even if you disable the OpenGL32.dll file. Make sure you have the last version of GLQuake that was released. I'm using file "glq1114".
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      official GL_Quake? eewww..

      and if you need help

      also if you haven't, delete the opengl32.dll in the quake DIR.

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