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    Played some today. Was fun enough. Still not sure if Ill go for the S3 battlepass. Might do it, since there are a few new maps here that I haven't played before and a few new operator skins that are not too bad..

    new maps: Black Gold is nightvision malarkey. Lighthouse is pretty small but focused on a central mansion, reminds me of the counter-strike map cs_mansion? Haven't played the others yet.

    Game is still decent when teams are balanced or slightly advantaged to my team. Strangely had a few matches that were 5v6 which is annoying. They have this token thing now which is weird.

    Edit: Played a bit more. Yeah, not really feeling season 3.Black Gold just a subset of Al Mazrah. Dome is a subset of Al Mazrah. Don't think I'll waste my time on the battlepass. The season pass and token thing is classic FOMO and I've got other stuff to play in May
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      I don't understand why people are not up in arms about the monetization of MW2, I've played mobile games that are less money hungry than MW2.

      **** this game.

      And nothing will change for the better, as soon as they introduce some $30 skin/operator all lobbies are full of them, so clearly most people care more about stupid models than actually worthwhile content like maps that doesn't actually suck.

      How about some MW2 maps in MW2 2022 actiblizz?

      Nope, only the f2p player get to experience some MW2 nostalgia in their modes, **** the people who actually bought the game.


        I am extremely disappointed by the season pass. Game is dead to me now.


          The new Blackcell crap is so money hungry that it makes me sick. There are only a handful of gold skins for a fortune? God I hate how normal it is for games to charge so much for "premium" skins. Apex Legends is one of the worst offenders and since it became huge I think a lot of other games have really just said, hey we can do that too. Now they're doing Warzone 2 as the main show for F2P newbies, they just charge a fortune like Apex.

          I find it ironic that the FOMO they implement to get me to play is really pushing me away. Also there are still things in the game that annoy me, like why does it take FOREVER to switch between players when you are spectating? Should be instant. Why is the menu so ****ing slow? Just clunky.

          I might come back for S4 and see what they have to offer but unless I have nothing to play I won't be playing for long.


            The fact that the blackcell garbage is # 5 on the top selling list on steam means that they have no reason to change their ways, people are gobbling this **** up.


              Double Battlepass progress should be normal unlock speed. It's also super annoying how long it takes to open up the battelpass map.

              The menus are such a mess.