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    Games Finished February 2022

    In our 5th year doing this it is amazing how many members are participating throughout. I hope it has helped you as it helped me keeping my backlogs in check while enjoying my games.

    As many have seen, I have completed a lot of games last year and still managed to do my hobbies, take care of family, career and the occasional travel (not counting 2020).

    Not every month someone will be finishing a lot, as there are months where a person just can't finish anything. Then you got that streak going in another month.

    Also, if you plan to replay the game, it is fine but don't repeat it at a later month as first completion is what counts.

    Another thing is the criteria of what is considered completed in unclear games such as team based multiplayer games; I would say set a target for that. E.g. I considered Overwatch completed when I reached level 100. Or when I finished story mode (which was a long movie sequence) in Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator. You decide what you consider is completed as long as it is reasonable to a certain extend and correlate-able to a single player experience.

    DLC completed at a separate time from the main game and has enough content (+1 hour) can be counted as a separate completion.

    Console completions can be accepted as long as the main focus is still PC overall.

    Completed Games:
    683-Amnesia: Rebirth

    January 2022 Thread:
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    Dying Light
    Dying Light: The Following
    Halo infinite


      Despite that my list shows 2, I have been rotating the following games that I haven't finished yet: FF7R, Lost Ark (Re-installed again... I know), Eldern Ring. So all of these are quite large.

      Anyway, my damage is the following:
      683-Amnesia: Rebirth: I enjoy a horror walking simulator but this wasn't it for most of the part.

      684-SIFU: Got hyped into this from the reviews and from what I played and finished, I find it might have been overhyped a bit too much. Yes it is good but I can't see how it can be an 8 or 9 out of 10 game. The combat isn't as tight, the design very repetitive for a roguelite even. It is a good game, just not great. It was frustrating a lot too.
      *Sending A Dream Into the Universe*
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        God of War



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            Back to zeroes for me.




                Death Stranding. Went into it expecting an easy going, picturesque walking simulaor but what it ended up being was a stressful whack-a-doodle nightmare simulator. Gets many points for having unique ideas. Loses them all for Monster Energy Drink ads.


                  1 game God of War
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                    1 for me. Cyberpunk 2077
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                      Finished 4 games in February.

                      1. Gears Tactics
                      2. Sine Mora EX
                      3. Ori and the Will O the Wisps
                      4. Valiant Hearts: The Great War

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                        Toem - Short but cute photo adventure.
                        Wintermoor Tactic Club - Strategy lite meets visual novel.
                        Gris - Stylish platformer.
                        Boneworks - Should have been better. Too reliant on weaker aspects of the physics and felt more like a sandbox than a rounded game.
                        Darkside Detective II - Comic P+C.
                        Isoland - Short P+C.
                        Timelie - Simple puzzler. Not too challenging.
                        Scarf - Solid but uninspired.
                        Vanishing Realms - Solid but short VR action RPG.
                        Baba Is You - Reached "The End" but still huge amounts of content. Will probably continue for a while though some of the puzzles are clearly beating me.
                        The Last Campfire - Another short but sweet.
                        Red Matter - Short VR adventure.
                        Twelve though most were pretty straightforward.
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                          I promised I would get one finished but failed. All thanks to Lost Ark and then Elden Ring. Zero for me.


                            Just the one for me in February: Hitman 3. Finished it on the MS Game Pass, and because of the finnicky MS Store and its inner workings, and the equally finnicky Hitman interface and DLC, I left it at after finishing the campaign once. There is so, so, so much more to enjoy, but I chose not to.

                            I've been replaying MotoGP 21 and Valheim, and I'm working on one more game... But that's for next month!
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                                1 game:

                                Dear Esther: Landmark Edition


                                  12 games this month (as the next two months will probably be near zero)

                                  Dance of Death: A short HOG decent enough if you get it at half off

                                  Dark Strokes: The legend of the snow kingdom collector's edition: A OK HOG but I'm glad I got it in a bundle as full price is just stupid for this game.

                                  Dreamscapes: The Sandman - premium edition: half adventure / half HOG, again worth it in a bundle.

                                  Freshman Year: I know Ms. Freeman is trying to make better games, but even at free I feel ripped off. Even Riley Freeman could make a better game than this and the previous one.

                                  Gentlemen! : a local multiplayer only game (let that sink in) - good for some drunk buddies fun.

                                  Invisible Apartment: An above average VN

                                  Lost Civilization: A sub-par HOG. Yes I was on a roll and started playing a lot of them this month.

                                  Old Man's Journey: A cool casual adventure game. To me worth it at under $10.

                                  TumbleSeed: A roguelike, action vertical scroller-esk game decent if 50% off

                                  Turbo Pug 3D: Voxel Pug Platformer. Yep. VPP!

                                  Turbo Pug DX: A fun little runner game, but thank Jebus that it's my last "Pug" game.

                                  Twist of Destiny: Dead E.A. game that had promise but never got out of early beta. Worth it for free.

                                  Originally posted by Kain View Post
                                  1 game:

                                  Dear Esther: Landmark Edition
                                  Funny that's in my queue for this month.
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                                      Dying Light 2 and GRID Legends


                                        2 for me. After the awesomeness of Titanfall 2, gave Fallen Order a go. Little disappointing, but still a very good game.

                                        Titanfall 2
                                        Jedi: Fallen Order


                                          Uncharted lost legacy.


                                            Originally posted by zizbuka View Post
                                            2 for me. After the awesomeness of Titanfall 2, gave Fallen Order a go. Little disappointing, but still a very good game.

                                            Titanfall 2
                                            Jedi: Fallen Order
                                            Two great games.


                                              List Updated!
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