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    Games Finished July 2021

    In our 4th year doing this it is amazing how many members are participating throughout. I hope it has helped you as it helped me keeping my backlogs in check while enjoying my games.

    As many have seen, I have completed a lot of games last year and still managed to do my hobbies, take care of family, career and the occasional travel (not counting 2020).

    Not every month someone will be finishing a lot, as there are months where a person just can't finish anything. Then you got that streak going in another month.

    Also, if you plan to replay the game, it is fine but don't repeat it at a later month as first completion is what counts.

    Another thing is the criteria of what is considered completed in unclear games such as team based multiplayer games; I would say set a target for that. E.g. I considered Overwatch completed when I reached level 100. Or when I finished story mode (which was a long movie sequence) in Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator. You decide what you consider is completed as long as it is reasonable to a certain extend and correlate-able to a single player experience.

    DLC completed at a separate time from the main game and has enough content (+1 hour) can be counted as a separate completion.

    Console completions can be accepted as long as the main focus is still PC overall.

    Completed Games:
    651-Streets of Rage 4: Mr. X Nightmare DLC
    652-Scarlet Nexus

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    So two games for me for July. Most of it spent playing Guilty Gear Strive and working on Scarlet Nexus:

    651-Streets of Rage 4: Mr. X Nightmare DLC: Played the survival mode, main attraction of this DLC, with both online friends and the kids locally. Played all new characters as well. Reached beyond level 30 in survival which is both challenging and abusing Blitz moves. Was fun. Will continue to play it on and off with the kids as they love it.

    652-Scarlet Nexus: A JRPG with tons of recycling built into the game. Though it has a good story and a fun action based combat. The buddy NPCs have interesting characters but they still fit within the usual japanese tropes. I don't recommend this game unless you are really into JRPGs. It is one of the better cell shaded anime games as well. Overall though, it is quite averagely good. Took me roughly 50 hours.
    *Sending A Dream Into the Universe*
    Steam ID: Vayne4800, Origin: Vayne4800, Battletag: Vayne#2528


      Four games for July.

      Borderlands 3 which was okay (I think I am done with the series), Resident Evil 7 which was very enjoyable and finally two Control expansions: The Foundation and AWE. I had more consistent fun with AWE.
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        Five in July for me:

        Draugen, Whispers of a Machine, RiME, Chernobylite, Silver Chains


          I always want to drop a list several pages long but just haven't been able to carve out the time lately.


          Old Man's Journey - A simple, story-driven puzzle game. I started it three years ago and have been playing it about 20 minutes per travel ever since. Finally finished it on vacation in the middle of last month.


            5 games:

            Halo 3
            Halo ODST
            Halo 4
            Halo 5
            Terminator: Resistance


              Finished two or three, depending on opinion:
              • Half-Life Alyx
              • Resident Evil Village
              • Mario Gold Super Rush (adventure mode)


                I got 2 done last month:

                Dishonored: Death of the Outsider
                Bridge Constructor Portal (I think my solution to the final puzzle would have made the level designer cry. Pretty sure that's not what they had in mind.)


                  4 for me

                  Iron Harvest
                  Terminator Resistance
                  Call of the Sea
                  Halo Reach


                    Sniper: Contracts 2


                      A bunch that were too short to qualify (Train Slation, Deepest Sword, Dinner with an Owl, Runo, Noirpunk and The Secret of Hutton Grammer School) and eleven that I'd claim;
                      The Wild at Heart (cute)
                      Backbone (Stylish but unsatisfying)
                      Alt-Frequencies (Interesting if not entirely successful)
                      Draugen (Not what I expected but still interesting)
                      The Morrigan (Decent VR ARPG)
                      The Room 4 (More of the same but solid enough)
                      Maskmaker (Decent VR adventure)
                      Dirt3 (Fine but how many times can I play the same game with minor tweaks)
                      Yonder The Cloudcatcher Chronicles (Pleasant but underdeveloped)
                      Chicory A Colourful Tale (Cute and quite inventive)
                      The Sojourn (Tedious puzzler).

                      Whew! And back to three days a week working so I'm hoping to get some serious time with AC and DCS AV 8B.



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                          7 for me this month

                          1980 - I honestly don't know why is is very positive. So many better city builders out there. The only reason it get it is it's free and other steam builders aren't.

                          Crispy Chicken - No longer on steam, and not a major loss.

                          Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior - I feel stupid for liking this mini-game

                          Welcome to Heaven - Another how is this mostly positive. I guess I'm not going to heaven

                          Where's My Helmet? - Nordic platformer. OK concept

                          Wolf Simulator - No longer on steam. Did it suck? Yes. But it was actually fun in a stupid way. Way better than a hamster simulator.

                          Wondershot - A decent local multiplayer game for you and a few drunk stupid buddies. Take a shot = take a shot.
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                            People have been busy this summer!

                            List Updated!
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                              Me too, me too!

                              I finished one game in July, and it was Northgard. Cool strategy game. I only did the single player campaign, then left it, even though for a big fan of the game there's still plenty more to do.
                              May the Yods be silent


                                1 - Control


                                  2 games:

                                  Battlefield V (single player)
                                  DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part One


                                    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

                                    Struggled through this title to the end at last, the voices and constant nagging really pissed me off.
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                                      Originally posted by Thr0tt View Post
                                      Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

                                      Struggled through this title to the end at last, the voices and constant nagging really pissed me off.


                                        Completed 2 games in July

                                        Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
                                        Shadow of the Tomb Raider

                                        Now playing Jedi: Fallen Order. Will play through the Mafia series after that.

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                                        Logtech G703 Mouse/Logitech G915 Keyboard


                                          completed 6 games:

                                          Hog Hunter
                                          Death Seater
                                          Fears of Fathom
                                          Haunted Gas Station
                                          I am on Observation Duty
                                          Zeno Clash
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                                              Originally posted by Nascar24 View Post
                                              +......wait for it.......................................0


                                                1: Spiderman Miles Morales


                                                  Originally posted by Eisberg View Post
                                                  completed 6 games:

                                                  Zeno Clash
                                                  i somehow still have this installed, holy crap. But never completed.


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                                                    List Updated!

                                                    August Completions Thread Incoming!
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