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    There was only one brief mention of it in the forums, so I'm creating a real thread for this because it really deserves it.

    Originally posted by Koenig39
    Okeh zhentlemain, we well commonce spe-cial operashun "Surraindair" at four-dirty. We well sneek pass dair defances wid our whayt flags held hagh!
    Originally posted by Pr()ZaC
    Spyre, I told you before! I won't let you have mensechs with metroidfox nor give you the secret address to the admins p0rn server! :drool:
    Originally posted by Villainess
    :lol: @ sig ............ now get me OUTTA THERE!! :mad:

    Are they ever going to finish it? How many years has it been in early access? 3 or 4 I think.


      I will wait on early access games, I bought Next car game (Wreakfest) years ago and its still in early access.


        Bought this in 2015 summer sale, progress is as slow as wreckfest and star citizen but this sure better than something like the new car crashing game from supposedly ex burnout dev...

        Too bad they refuse to use steam workshop to accommodate modding though they insist on their own launcher packaging.
        I guess it's the trend nowdays with games; either you are a hardcore PC GAME, or you live long enough to see yourself become a console port


          rubber cars! that looks neat. ill bite
          my graphics card is now a physx card ;
          my cpu is a quad toaster


            Wow, so this will have realistic physics AND a fully open world full of various terrain to drive over?

            AND Crysis type graphics (they're shown in the video)?

            Definitely looks interesting.


              Early access, I wish there was a time limit they put on these things so they don't DayZ your life away or Star citizen milk the money until they dissolve into nothing.
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                Some more videos:

                Originally posted by Koenig39
                Okeh zhentlemain, we well commonce spe-cial operashun "Surraindair" at four-dirty. We well sneek pass dair defances wid our whayt flags held hagh!
                Originally posted by Pr()ZaC
                Spyre, I told you before! I won't let you have mensechs with metroidfox nor give you the secret address to the admins p0rn server! :drool:
                Originally posted by Villainess
                :lol: @ sig ............ now get me OUTTA THERE!! :mad:


                  I wonder if you can mod the game to put Paul Walker and his buddy driving in there.
                  I have nothing witty to say.


                    too soon?
                    my graphics card is now a physx card ;
                    my cpu is a quad toaster


                      Is there any actual game here or is it just a physics simulator sandbox?

                      I'd love to see an off-road racing game using this engine.

                      Edit: I'll answer my own questions since I bought the game.

                      There is no career mode yet(its in the works) BUT there are lots of missions or tasks to do.

                      There is plenty of off road racing but its mainly against the clock or against the terrain.
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                        Originally posted by saumilsingh View Post
                        Wow, so this will have realistic physics AND a fully open world full of various terrain to drive over?

                        AND Crysis type graphics (they're shown in the video)?

                        Definitely looks interesting.
                        There is a demo. Not sure how good it as since I bought into the early access a few days ago.

                        I gotta say, this is the most impressive driving sim I think I ever played, and I think I've tried them all.

                        Soft body physics are a token bonus to me, it's the handling and physics that really standout. They are the most real to date for on and off road.

                        If you are a sim driving person, you owe it to yourself to try this game.

                        The menus and alterations you can do to the vehicles are pretty smart and varied too.
                        Member of the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race-"Doesn't any game maker know how to make a PC feeling game anymore? I hate all this console afterbirth crap we're getting lately."


                          Yeah I definitely found a ton of fun with this game a while back messing around with it, started to run like **** in the later iterations on my old system though.
                          RIP John Dunsworth


                            Development Sneak Peek #3 is out. Some impressive stuff. Engine and exh rocking. Tire flex fixed. Nos!!! New map. Chassis flex and torque.

                            Member of the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race-"Doesn't any game maker know how to make a PC feeling game anymore? I hate all this console afterbirth crap we're getting lately."


                              Wow some of that stuff is REALLY starting to get impressive. The engine rocking in the last video translating to the exhaust is awesome. So many little real details. The solid axle torquing the truck was crazy too. Really need to pick this up.
                              RIP John Dunsworth


                                Jeez, another MAJOR update.
                                This game is amazing!
                                20% off at Steam right now at $20.

                                Alpha version 0.11 – The Coast is Clear
                      ’s first major urban environment!
                                The time has come to release our most ambitious map so far, together with plenty of improvements such as clutch thermals, horn and siren sounds, afterfire effects, and much more.
                                Additionally, you will now be able to browse and download new mods from itself, and easily keep them all updated with one click.
                                    West Coast USA:
                                    In-game Mod Repository (Including automatic mod updates)
                                    Added simulation of engine flywheel and drivetrain torque reactions
                                    Improved overall physics performance by around 10%
                                    Improved heightmap interpolation. This smooths road surfaces and improves overall driving experience
                                    Improved reaction force calculations of collisions between vehicles. This improves tilt-board and carrying heavy loads
                                    Improved tiremark placement
                                    Added dampCutoffHz option to normal and bounded beams. This option simulates band limited damping, increasing the amount of damping that can be stably used
                                    Wind now affects particles
                                    Improved the pressure calculation of initial inflation of wheels
                                    Fixed pressure physics: previously pressure stopped decreasing above 88 meters
                                    Fixed objects not moving while paused
                                    Implemented clutch thermals with overheating clutches when being abused
                                    Stability improvements for torque converter lockup clutch
                                    Stability improvements for automatic transmission one-way clutch and park mode
                                    Added realistic Nitrous Oxide Injection support including varying bottle sizes, purge visuals, exploding engine blocks on too much torque
                                    Fixed various small issues with the engine thermals in reverse rotation
                                    Fixed fuel tanks being able to be overfilled from jbeam
                                    Improved DCT shifting and fixed various bugs
                                    Implemented physics based afterfire sounds and visuals
                                    Added simulation of engine, flywheel and drivetrain torque reactions
                                    Added sequential gearbox
                                    Improved calculation of virtual inertia for powertrain shafts without any child
                                    Implemented “Line-Lock” feature for drag races
                                    Improved exhaust tree algorithm to support multiple start nodes, multiple trees per car and merging of trees
                                    DCTs and Automatics now shift down in M mode if the RPM drops far enough
                                    Improved shift times of Automatics and DCTs
                                    Implemented different styles of rev limiters (RPM based, time based, smooth)
                                    Fixed vehicle controller aggression detection being unaware of players using keyboard-drift filter
                                    Fixed minor aggression calculation issue while revmatching
                                    Nitrous Oxide parts added to the vehicles
                                    Brake Line Lock parts added to the vehicles
                                    Engine torque and inertial reactions added to the vehicles
                                    Sequential gearbox added to SBR4 Hillclimb, Sunburst Rally and Hillclimb, Pessima Hillclimb
                                    Timer-based rev limiter added to 200BX, Covet, ETKI, 90s Pessima, Sunburst
                                    Door and tailgate glass are now removable parts
                                    Tire load sensitivity and softness properties added to all tires now
                                    Suspension damping increased on many vehicles particularly with race suspensions
                                    Suspension geometry tweaks on the cars to improve handling
                                    Vehicle engine mounts improved for better reaction to torque/inertia
                                    Vehicle exhausts improved for better particle emissions/afterfire and more believable motion
                                    burnEfficiency tables added to all engines for more dynamic fuel consumption
                                    Hill-holding behavior stronger on automatic transmissions
                                    Automatic transmissions now lose some torque during shifting
                                    Added “gearboxNode” tag to gearboxes (used for gear grind sound)
                                    Clutch thermal masses added to all vehicles (affects clutch heat tolerance)
                                    Added UI Names to vehicle powertrain devices (for better looking messages related to powertrain)
                                    Fixed mesh stretching when engine removed from certain vehicles
                                    Changed vehicle info to include gearbox types
                                    Off-idle torque curve tweaks for various cars
                                    Fixed a jbeam issue where driveshafts breaking would stop brakes from working
                                    Fixed tire pressure variable not affecting some tires
                                    Default node treadCoef to 0.25 (vehicle body will have more sliding friction against dirt/mud)
                                    Adjusted European Lightbar textures
                                    Barstow: Added drift steering, rear suspension tweaked to reduce roll steer, “Drag” version suspension tuning, fixed steering limiters causing car to drop at full lock, fixed oil temp gauge
                                    Burnside: Rear body and frame rigidity increased, “Drag” version suspension tuning
                                    D-Series and H-Series: Suspension tweaks to reduce roll steer, added crawler transfercase parts, D-Series “Pig” config uses i6 and crawler transfer case
                                    Grand Marshal: Front subframe strength increased, front end deformation improved
                                    Moonhawk: Added drift steering, rear suspension tweaked to reduce roll steer, “Drag” version suspension tuning
                                    Hopper: Frame rigidity/deformation improved
                                    80s Pessima: Front axle shafts less likely to break
                                    T-Series: Added ABS, changed tires to 24 rays for smoother rolling, fix tie rod mesh stretching, various rigidity and damping improvements, various optimizations for CPU performance
                                    Semi Trailers: Added ABS, fixed trailer jacks exploding, changed tires to 24 rays for smoother rolling
                                    Large Tilter jbeam redesigned to reduce clipping
                                    Added Mod Slot to Boxutility, Boxutility_Large, Caravan and Piano
                                    Added blue-green tint to car glass
                                    Reduced vehicle memory bookkeeping
                                    Fixed particles spawning 1 frame behind their emitting node
                                    Wheels with numRays = 0 are ignored now
                                    Added old asphalt and prepped asphalt ground models for terrain creators, tweaked “slippery” ground model
                                    Hirochi Raceway: Bridges lowered and transitions smoothed
                                    Jungle Rock Island: Spaced back some bushes encroaching on the road
                                User Interface
                                    In Game Repository
                                    Reworked Vehicle Damage app
                                    Added N2O button to Simple Powertrain Control app and adjusted positioning
                                    Better naming/grammar for car, level, and scenario descriptions
                                    Sliders in the camera options menu no longer change values each frame but rather once you release the slider
                                    Added BBCode parsing to scenario menus
                                    Fixed Engine Damage app
                                    Fixed bug where Tachometer app would sometimes not initialise correctly
                                    Fixed issue where certain languages would result in text overflowing on menu buttons
                                    Torque Curve app can now show data for certain configurations such as N2O, Turbo etc
                                    Fixed physics instability message not showing up until pause was toggled off
                                    Added ability to use mouse scroll wheel even if window isn’t focused
                                    The FPS limiter can now be toggled on/off without losing the value of choice
                                    Added UI translations for binding filters
                                    Fixed inability to click buttons when mouse axes were incorrectly assigned to nodegrabber
                                    Added warning log when the user’s Steam language is not recognized
                                    Improved stream sending logic, minor speedup
                                    Added ABS mode setting, allowing you to have an “Arcade ABS” on any car
                                    Improved the readings of the engine dyno app
                                    New Speed Planner. Plan resolution increases closer to the vehicle (will accomodate overtaking in the future)
                                    Adjusted (exposed) Agression limits (max is now 2)
                                    Adjusted lateral/longitudinal acceleration learning curves
                                    Manual mode refactoring (separated user input validation from manual mode path creation)
                                    Ability to define road directions and one way roads in Navigraph
                                    Made path finding road direction sensitive
                                    Simplified random path finder
                                    Fixed memory: In 64Bit systems, Lua’s memory is not limited to 2GB anymore
                                    Fixed all functions receiving the dtSim estimated for the next graphics frame, rather than for the current frame
                                    Fixed getNodeVelocity game engine LUA function returning bogus values
                                    Fixed ini settings ignoring some lines containing certain characters (such as underscore)
                                    Mod settings will now be saved in Steam cloud, rather than local storage only
                                    Big ESC/TC performance overhaul, ~30% speedup
                                    Improved vehicle reset times by not having to fully initialize wheels and powertrain on reset
                                    Improved ESC throttle cut by having a virtual rev limiter during ESC action
                                    Added temporalSigmoidSmoothing to utils.lua, it simulates a point moving with inertia
                                    Added volume to obj:setEngineSound function
                                    Added obj:getAirflowSpeed, obj:getFrontAirflowSpeed and obj:getAltitude core functions
                                    Added tableIsEmpty to utils.lua
                                    Sounds from obj:playSFXOnce function. follow the node on which they were spawned
                                    Fixed zero pitch values to work again
                                    Fixed bug regarding equality check with floats in quadtree.lua
                                World Editor
                                    General improvements in editor performance
                                    Optimized scene view selection/unselection/removal, can be 60x faster for maps with huge amounts of elements
                                    Fixed editor scene view selecting random extra elements in maps with huge amounts of elements
                                    Fixed editor not properly selecting/unselecting scene view elements when clicking them in 3d view
                                    Fixed alt + scrollwheel changing both camera speed and brush size in editor
                                    Fixed broken ‘v’ binding in the editor (Bounds Selection)
                                    Fixed cloning of objects: everything can be cloned now, stays in the same folder
                                    New level file formats: work in progress. Use with caution.
                                Graphics Engine
                                    Optimized render of decal roads
                                    Reduced memory usage of levels
                                    Added “Smart” vertical sync option: it turns vsync ON when your framerate exceeds the monitor refresh rate, and OFF when it falls down again
                                    Added VSync graph to the render stats menu
                                    Fixed 30FPS limit not working when window loses focus
                                    Fixed incorrect bounding box of vehicles, causing vehicles dissapear in some cases
                                    Fixed hotloading of meshes for forest items
                                    Fixed wrong normals on imposters when using BC5 textures
                                    Added support for speed-sensitive steering limits, available at Options > Controls > Filters
                                    Fixed incorrect forces on Thrustmaster devices. Users that have used the 100 Hz workaround should now revert back to Automatic update rate
                                    Optimized input system when no XBox controllers are plugged (very minor speedup)
                                    Added force feedback ‘Update Type’ option. Only users of direct drive wheels should need to tweak it
                                    Fixed broken replay seeking and flexmesh bindings, each keypress was incorrectly logged up to 5-10 times
                                    Deprecated ‘slua’ context from input actions. Please use ‘tlua’ instead
                                    Added multiseat mode to orbit camera
                                    Improved orbit camera manual rotation after a vertical fall
                                    Fixed orbit camera not zooming in/out smoothly
                                    Improved ‘external’ camera spawn locations in tunnels, upcoming uphills and landings
                                    Fixed incorrect FOV angle after onboard camera is reset
                                    Reduced inertia effect of ‘external’ camera when vehicle travels at speed
                                    Improved how ‘external’ camera chooses which vehicle part to focus on while stationary
                                    Fixed ‘external’ camera vibrating in slow motion
                                    Fixed ‘external’ fan camera behaviour depending on the framerate and on slow motion speed
                                    Added ability to cancel recording (you can press alt+shift+r, or use the new button in the replay UI app)
                                    Added the map location to filenames
                                    Optimized replay-related bookkeeping during normal gameplay (very minor framerate improvement)
                                    Optimized tiremarks and broken beams recording and playback
                                    Fixed dangling sounds (e.g. skidding effects), broken beams, prop data and material changes after stopping a replay
                                    Fixed particle and sound positions being off by one frame during playback
                                    Fixed frame timestamps losing accuracy when recording 20+ FPS while using 1/100x slowmotion
                                    Fixed tiremarks sometimes being duplicated in replays (one duplicate per vehicle)
                                    Fixed replays spawning and then removing an unnecessary vehicle when opened from the main menu
                                    Fixed tiny memory leak when stopping a replay
                                    Added horn sounds, and siren sounds for emergency vehicles
                                    Several minor filter, volume, reverb and distance attenuation adjustments
                                    Improved skid sounds by adding a second layer with higher frequencies
                                    Added new vehicle wind event
                                    Added new surface layer “tire pops” for very slow speeds on asphalt
                                    Added different environmental reverb settings depending on map
                                    Added afterfire events
                                    Added blow-off valve events
                                    Added UI sound events; UI sounds not anymore effected by interior filter
                                    Added new snapshots and sidechain compression for specific sounds to better cut through
                                    Added new vehicle fire sounds (burn and ignition)
                                    Added new tire burst events
                                    Added new UI sound for “take picture”
                                    Added environmental sounds and reverb zones for West Coast, USA
                                    Added traffic environmental sound for garage in day time
                                    File System rewrite
                                    Support tool will now automatically copy the generated report ID number to the clipboard
                                    ProceduralMesh: ability to create 3D geometry via lua 🙂
                                Known Issues
                                    Main menu sounds might be buggy after exiting a level
                                Also, two cool desktop backgrounds for you here 🙂
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                                  So is this ever going to translate into a sick racing game with all this tech at some point, or is it only going to be a sandbox game? The tech looks amazing, but at this point it seems like there's hardly any "game" to it.
                                  Let him not vow to walk in the dark, who has not seen the nightfall.


                                    Patch .11 hotfixes out.
                                    First Hotfix for 0.11 – 
                                    Worked the weekend to fix some problems for you 🙂
                                        Fixed broken turbo/vacuum sounds
                                        Fixed memory corruption that prevented 32 bit Windows to work correctly
                                        Fixed West Coast USA getting out of memory error on 32 bit Windows
                                        Fixed mirrored skin on Ibishu Hopper right door
                                        Fixed unmapped skin beneath the windshield wipers on Burside Special Chopped & Channeled body
                                        Fixed flickering brake light with engine turned off
                                        Fixed vehicles being in the wrong orientation after resetting a scenario
                                        Removed old untested multiseat prototype scenario
                                        Better default configuration for the Logitech G29 steering wheel
                                        Excluded mod_info from levels and vehicles folder
                                        Display player numbers on top of their vehicles when multiseat mode is enabled
                                        Fixed force feedback Update Type option being ignored in direct drive steering wheels
                                        Fixed sound issues with slow motion
                                        Fixed sound related electric motor errors
                                        Fixed GridMap and Utah spawnPoints
                                        Fixed mod mount priorities
                                        Fixed reduced/unstable friction between vehicles (fixes slippery trailer and similar issues)
                                        Ignoring certain errors that some old mods throw, to allow them to load
                                        Fixed orbit cam’s dynamic FOV jumping when resetting the cam
                                        Fixed advanced bindings being misleadingly greyed out, now all bindings share the same color
                                        Adjusted maximum torque ratings of Van/Fullsize V8 and 1st gen Pessima 2.0 DOHC
                                        Fixed DetailedDamageApp
                                        SimpleDamageApp now stays visible if damage has occured
                                        Fixed missing transbrake icon for radial menu
                                        Fixed invisible quad exhaust, spoiler and diffuser on the Bolide 390GTR
                                        Modern light bars added to the Grand Marshal
                                        Concealed flashers and siren added to the Grand Marshal “Unmarked”
                                        Gavril Grand Marshal: Added ‘Belasco City Police Department’ configuration
                                        Tweaked drag tires and drag strip groundmodels
                                        Added a user interface error message when download fails
                                        Added “Subscribe” and “Open in game repo” Buttons
                                        Fixed fatal vehicle lua exception in AI random mode
                                        Fixed AI vehicle handling in scenario “Airfield Showdown” (jungle rock island drag race).
                                    Known problems
                                        Banana-bench does not work atm :/
                                    Member of the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race-"Doesn't any game maker know how to make a PC feeling game anymore? I hate all this console afterbirth crap we're getting lately."


                                      Update .12 (large)

                                          New vehicle: Wentward DT40L bus:
                                          Accompanying bus gameplay modes:
                                          Added “Hustle and Bustle” bus campaign mini-chapter
                                          Added dynamic track creation tool: Track Builder
                                          More vehicle sounds:
                                          New “Bus Routes” gameplay mode
                                          Added “Hustle and Bustle” bus campaign mini-chapter
                                          Added Track Builder
                                          Fixed some issues with ‘Tanker Delivery’ scenario
                                          Improved some language in scenario descriptions
                                          Improved “Airfield Showdown” scenario
                                          Improved navigation line
                                          Added the new bus vehicle Wentward DT40L, featuring various skins, airbag suspension, pneumatic doors and “JATOs”
                                          Added ETK800/ ETK K stage 1 turbo delivering around 440HP
                                          Added ETK K “Trackday” config with better tires, suspension and brakes, spoiler and a stage 1 turbo
                                          New race tires for 19×9 and 19×10 wheels (ETK wheels)
                                          Added new engine tuning options – Engine Management/ECU, Engine Internals
                                          200BX: Street tuned config uses sport brakes
                                          Barstow: Fixed rear suspension unstable with 15×8 Magnum wheel
                                          Bolide: Fixed issues with exhausts
                                          ETK800: Reduced vehicle polar inertia, fixed shaking during burnouts, engine breaks more easily in crashes
                                          ETKC: Reduced vehicle polar inertia, fixed shaking during burnouts, engine breaks more easily in crashes
                                          ETKI: Improved suspension geometry, fixed rear suspension unstable at times, reduced crash strength in the rear, Knallhart uses race tires and RP02 wheels
                                          Grand Marshal: Base tire grip tweaked, Police configs gets sport steering
                                          Hopper: Steering instability fixed, reduced stiffness of sway bars
                                          Miramar: Fixed spoiler shaking laterally
                                          Pickup/Roamer/Van: Added extra node to front axle for better collision, fixed heavy duty tire unstable and causing truck to bounce
                                          Semi: Improved collision of flatbed, strengthened 5th wheel attachment, added 10 speed automatic transmission, added airbag suspension controller, reduced torsional stiffness of frames, reduced rear suspension roll stiffness. Changed rear tire model to real duallies!
                                          Small trailers: Brake fix, instability fix
                                          Sunburst: Reduce body polar inertia, fix skidplate collision issue, fix Sunburst Sport RS using race DCT
                                          Brake stiffness increases to all cars to suit higher stability of new brake code
                                          Improve rigidity of mirrors on some cars
                                          Drag tire grip balancing
                                          Rally configs not using ultra light flywheels anymore
                                          Reduced some overly high locking rates on limited slip differentials
                                          Add/improve jbeam for intercoolers
                                          Unified engine part slot order for all cars
                                          Added support for dampCutoffHz in pressureWheels
                                          Added wheelAngle property for pressureWheels, allows wheel to spawn at chosen orientation
                                          Fixed an issue with the Roamer ‘roofrack’ materials
                                          Fixed an export issue with ‘’ texture
                                          Braking torque is applied in a more stable and effective way now. Threshold braking is much easier now.
                                          Improved antisticking of collisions
                                          Increased max limit of vehicles/objects to 100
                                          Performance optimizations
                                          Added “beamLongExtent” property to Anisotropic and Support beams. It works in the same way as beamLongBound but with meter units
                                          Added “precompressionRange” beam property. It works in the same way as beamPrecompression but with meter units
                                          Added “longBoundRange”, “shortBoundRange” to Bounded beams. They work in the same way as beamLongBound and beamShortBound but with meter units
                                          Added “boundZone” property to Bounded beams. It controls the boundary zone range (in meter units) of a bounded beam. Default value is 1m
                                          Bounded beam internal forces are capped now to increase their stability
                                          Fixed brake pre-tensioning that was causing vehicles to rock back and front while stopped
                                          Fixed breaking of triangles defined inside the quad jbeam section
                                          Intakes and Exhausts modify engine torque
                                          Engine internals can change torque rating, RPM limit, and modify base torque curve
                                          Implemented an expression based system for jbeam variables, allows for much better and easier customization with user-set tuning variables
                                          Expression system has support for various math related function such as min, max, floor, ceil, case, random, etc
                                          Can be used to tie multiple jbeam values to one tuning setting with varying logic
                                          Additional construction equipment models for West Coast roadblocks
                                          Optimized parts of the city on West Coast (LoD tweaks)
                                          Opened bridge on West Coast and added tunnel loop
                                          Various building, sidewalk and road mesh bugfixes on West Coast
                                      User Interface
                                          Added multi-part highlighting
                                          Tuning variables improved: Set brake bias directly, change ride height in real units, and more!
                                          Added Bus Line app
                                          Added wheel power/torque figures to engine dyno app, cleaned up other uses of “wheel” data in the apps and made sure they actually use the correct values
                                          Added JATO fuel indicator to Simple Powertrain Control app
                                          Improved labels in ‘Display Shadow’ option
                                          Reduced jumpyness of vehicle selector scroll
                                          Reduced perf impact for some minor apps
                                          Reduced likelyhood of endless loading screen
                                          Fixed apps sometimes spawning over the loading screen
                                          Fixed bug where the positions of the items in the vehicle selector would change positions on scrolling
                                          Fixed Debug visualisation not reseting when choosing None
                                          Added experimental FMOD modding support. More info coming soon.
                                          Implemented a new set of vehicle sounds: indicators, lights, back-up beeper, air brakes, pneumatic doors, air suspension, additional horn and siren sounds and realistic flat tire sounds with correct relation to wheel speed
                                          Engine starter sounds are now based on loops with a dedicated start and stop sample rather than a series of single sounds
                                          Added option to follow Windows default audio device on game startup (enabled by default)
                                          Fixed empty selected option after disconnecting audio device and restarting game
                                          Manually chosen audio device will be remembered across game restarts, even if it’s temporarily unplugged
                                          Refined the skid sound parameters for earlier onset of sound but softer increase in volume
                                          Various tweaks improving volume, reverberation and filters
                                          Cleaned up ambient zones, sfx emitters and reverb zones
                                          Added “Horn” part to all cars
                                          Fixed slow-motion applying to UI sounds
                                          Improved support for engine sounds using FMOD Studio
                                      World Editor
                                          Fixed heightmap importer for 8-Bit images
                                          Fixed heightmap exporter
                                          Fixed camera autofit binding (F key)
                                          Fixed lag when material editor try to find a missing textures
                                          General cleanup of old/broken editor cameras
                                          Added “dynamic” brake lights feature that makes the brake lights flash when braking with ABS and enables the hazard lights after coming to a harsh stop
                                          Completely reworked the ABS logic for much better brake response and feeling
                                          Reworked engine torque curve handling, there are now 4 different curves available (existing “base” torque, a multiplier table for that base torque, an intake modification table and an exhaust modification table), different curves can be set from different parts for much increased modding potential, allows for detailed torque curve changes without redefining the full curve in every part
                                          Torque converter lockup is now disabled during shifts (unless sport mode is selected) and smoother in operation
                                          Added “RPM” and “spin” values for turbocharger for use with animated props
                                          Time based rev limiter gained an RPM fallback, this increases usability when drifting with grippy tires
                                          Throttle input rate is now considered when calculating shift aggression
                                          Combustion engine rev limiters can now be adjusted in a broader range without affecting the torque curve
                                          Rebalanced engine thermals
                                          Increased compatibility of the electric motor device with the latest ESC improvements
                                          Retuned all ESC/TC setups for ongoing vehicle changes
                                          Fixed AWD Pessima not working correctly after reset
                                          Fixed S transmission mode disabling post crash braking logic
                                          Fixed an issue where the turbocharger assumed and efficiency of 100% outside its defined range
                                          Fixed an issue where the automatic transmission would start in a too low gear after going through N while driving
                                          Fixed dynamically altered brake torques not being reset properly
                                          Fixed some issues with drum brake thermals, rebalanced thermals due to changes in brake code
                                          Reduced effectiveness of some radiators
                                          More off-idle torque for various engines
                                          Remove deprecated “absThreshold” value from vehicles
                                      Mod repository
                                          Added a fallback to offline data if connection drops (works only if mod is mounted)
                                          Game will now automatically create the ‘mods’ folder on the first run
                                          Various fixes for random pathfinding
                                          Various fixes for map span pathfinding
                                          Create aliases for manual waypoint names that have been merged
                                          User input validation in manual mode checks against node name aliases
                                          Added Steam Big Picture support: skip launcher and enforce fullscreen
                                          Very minor speedup when switching to another vehicle
                                          Optimized decal loading from disk
                                          Fixed rare crash on level load
                                          Performance warnings are now acknowledged only for the current computer (rather than all computers sharing your Steam account)
                                          Implemented pneumatics controller to control anything with pneumatic cylinders (rather than hydraulic simulation with hydros), can be used for airbag suspensions, low riders, bus doors, etc
                                          Work on Lua debugger adaptor
                                          Added new controller.getControllerSafe API that can be called in a fire and forget way without checking if a controller actually exists
                                          Added “obj:getFrontPosition()” to vehicle Lua, it returns the position of the front of the vehicle
                                          Added “obj:getObjectFrontPosition(objId)” to vehicle Lua, it returns the front position of another vehicle
                                          Added “obj:getObjectInitialWidth(objId)”, “obj:getObjectInitialLength(objId)” to vehicle Lua, it returns the initial width and length of another vehicle
                                          Added “clamp”, “smoothmin” functions in Lua mathlib
                                          Added “getRotationTo”, “rotated” methods to mathlib:vec3
                                          Added experimental “castRayStatic(rayStart, rayDir, distance)” fast function to both vehicle and game engine Lua. It returns the distance to closest ray hit with static geometry or ground
                                          Added “obj:getDirectionVector”, “obj:getDirectionVectorUp” to game engine Lua
                                          Added sceneGetCameraFrustum
                                          Added Frustum.isBoxOutside , Frustum.isBoxContained and Frustum.isPointContained member functions
                                          mainLevel.lua has proper alias in global table now
                                          New base: fixed texture hotloading
                                          Fixed BNG Trigger Box contain
                                          Fixed debug of trigger box contain, fix debug build of player.cpp
                                      Graphics Engine
                                          Improved caustics postfx: now fades out after a certain depth
                                          Improve smoothness of road splines in Utah
                                          Added support for explicit UVs channels in Material’s textures
                                          Render code refactoring
                                          Particles are now correctly affected by custom gravity values
                                          Disabled turbulence effect (wavying screen) when underwater
                                          Improved imposter UVs usage
                                          Improved fire particles texture
                                          Improved default dynamic reflecion settings
                                          Fixed detail texture in Materials
                                          Fixed dynamic deferred decals on Lowest settings
                                          Fixed frozen particle effects when choosing extreme slow motion speeds
                                          Fixed Relative camera flashlight staying on even after switching to another camera
                                          Fixed material switching. It was affecting dashboard indicators of certain vehicles
                                          Fixed two invalid color correction ramps files (for Postfx usage)
                                          Added Neutral Gear binding (e.g. for keyboard users)
                                          Added 8th Gear binding
                                          Fixed various force feedback bugs affecting multiseat mode
                                          Fixed rare dangling forces after modifying force feedback configuration
                                          Note: the internal replay format has changed and old files won’t be readable any more
                                          Drastically reduced replay sizes. Compression could increase up to 1x-5x depending on the situation
                                          Added option to ignore vehicle transparency feed during playback in Options > Other > Replay
                                          Improved interpolation technique, providing generally much smoother playback (can be turned off in Options > Other > Replay)
                                          Minor optimizations of playback
                                          Fixed playback randomly freezing in replays
                                          Fixed random inability to seek to the end of the time bar
                                          Fixed various bugs with files bigger than 2 gigabytes
                                          Fixed rare desynchronization of broken beams and materials
                                          Fixed small memory leak when opening many replays
                                      Known Issues
                                          Bus stops look out of place on some maps
                                          Randomly some sounds do not follow slow motion
                                          Performance UI is missing some graphs
                                          Waypoint counter doesn’t update in some scenarios
                                          Optional scenario waypoints can disappear after selecting them and retrying a scenario
                                          Sometimes vehicle’s props are not visible when using Part Manager
                                          Bus brakes are applied after exiting bus route with Freeroam button. Reloading the vehicle (CTRL+R) would help as workaround
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                                        BeamNG partners with Automation, the car design and assembly sim.
                                        We are now working with the developers of Automation to get you in the driver seat of your Automation designs. Export your car from Automation to with a single click and take it for a spin! The styling, sound, and mechanical details will all be making the conversion to our game. Not only that, we will be hosting your creations in our mod repository so you can share them with all players of
                                        Member of the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race-"Doesn't any game maker know how to make a PC feeling game anymore? I hate all this console afterbirth crap we're getting lately."


                                          I really wonder if they managed to get the car dynamics right. The cars are extremely difficult to drive, they under steer and starts to skid too easily. I often get that total 180 degree skid at 30 km/h, that's outside school speed.

                                          Especially the cop car is like driving a bar of soap, it has no grip at all and can start to skid for nothing. Also the suspension is like it wouldn't have any dampers at all. If you come into a curve at 70 km/h it is almost impossible to keep it on the road because there is no grip. If you would put this car in real life it would be deadly and forbidden on the market. Luckily this is not how it is in real life. I have driven in 160 km/h in quite sharp turns and the car can handle it. In 70 km/h real cars don't suddenly loose grip on a dry day and at that speed is like a soft Sunday driving.

                                          Just for comparison take the Youtube channel 77km/h.
                                          and you'll see that most cars can handle sharp turns and pretty impressively too.

                                          Also for computer games they have to augment the driver dynamics in order to make it more user friendly. Try drive your real car with the arrow keys.

                                          Thumbs down for the driving dynamics in this game.
                                          Intel 80386 16 MHz, VGA graphics, 4MB RAM, 30MB HDD, 3.5" floppy drive
                                          45303 3dMark06, Crysis 2 60 fps all settings at highest.


                                            Originally posted by UFO View Post
                                            I really wonder if they managed to get the car dynamics right. The cars are extremely difficult to drive, they under steer and starts to skid too easily.
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                                              BS answers from the developers I would say. You really have to augment the handling for PC games as well as tuning the controls. If you have a 600 hp car you usually don't floor th gas pedal because that would make the wheels spin and you have to buy new tires all the time. This is what the up arrow does and the car lose the grip.
                                              Intel 80386 16 MHz, VGA graphics, 4MB RAM, 30MB HDD, 3.5" floppy drive
                                              45303 3dMark06, Crysis 2 60 fps all settings at highest.


                                                Originally posted by UFO View Post
                                                This is what the up arrow does and the car lose the grip.

                                                What would you rather have it do?
                                                Originally posted by Koenig39
                                                Okeh zhentlemain, we well commonce spe-cial operashun "Surraindair" at four-dirty. We well sneek pass dair defances wid our whayt flags held hagh!
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                                                Spyre, I told you before! I won't let you have mensechs with metroidfox nor give you the secret address to the admins p0rn server! :drool:
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                                                :lol: @ sig ............ now get me OUTTA THERE!! :mad:


                                                  • The 1963 Gavril Bluebuck joins our growing, diversifying list of vehicles including 33 variants to drive and customize, along with a wealth of mod parts and our first-ever hydraulic suspension.
                                                  • In addition, we have extensively improved the deformation behavior of most of the vehicles in the game.
                                                  • You'll be able to enjoy the improved deformation more easily than ever, with seamless dynamic traffic now just a click away in the radial menu.
                                                  • There is also now a drag minigame at the West Coast drag strip, and the AI might just give you a run for your money.
                                                  • East Coast, Hirochi Raceway, and the Derby map have received extensive overhauls to improve visual quality, gameplay, and performance.
                                                  • We are also proud to have achieved some serious performance improvements on both the CPU and GPU side, massively optimizing vehicle rendering and significantly improving level rendering.

                                                  Member of the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race-"Doesn't any game maker know how to make a PC feeling game anymore? I hate all this console afterbirth crap we're getting lately."


                                                    Major update:

                                                    • NEW VEHICLE: SP Dunekicker
                                                      • New extreme off-road desert racing truck featuring a fully custom tube frame chassis, long travel suspension and massive power
                                                      • Powered by either a 5.7L or 6.5L V8, both torn from the beastly Bruckell Bastion
                                                      • Advanced triple bypass shock absorbers on all 4 corners
                                                      • Several versatile variants:
                                                        • ‘TT1 Unlimited’ - All the power you could ever need, so long as you can keep it directed.
                                                        • ‘TT2 Spec’ - A little more subdued, this less powerful configuration lets those new to desert racing get a feel for these machines
                                                        • ‘ST2 Stadium’ - Designed more for short course racing and jumps than skipping over desert whoops, this configuration offers a very different style of driving
                                                    • NEW VEHICLE: SP Rock Basher
                                                      • New mid-engine rock crawler/race truck hybrid machine with incredible off-road ability
                                                      • Powered by the venerable Gavril V8 available in 4.5L and 6.9L variations
                                                      • Rock Crawler - Designed for supreme slow speed crawling over any obstacle, featuring a solid front axle and massive torque
                                                      • Rock Bouncer - Rock crawler meets high speed. No technical route-picking for this nitrous-injected animal; just mash the gas pedal and cross your fingers
                                                      • Rock Racer - Featuring independent front suspension, front portal hubs and the right gearing to allow both high speed desert racing and low speed rock crawling. The jack-of-all trades of off-road racing
                                                    • NEW VEHICLE: Autobello Autobuggy
                                                      • Added “Autobuggy” configurations with a custom tube frame chassis, lightweight bodies and long travel suspension sporting bypass shock absorbers
                                                      • Class 5 Spec - A lower powered configuration featuring the Piccolina’s original flat-4 engine, providing an easygoing approach to desert racing
                                                      • Unlimited Class 5 - The reins are off; the air cooled engine has been swapped out for a power 2.5L water cooled twin-cam engine from the Hirochi SBR and the body stripped away in place of fiberglass panels
                                                      • Baja Extreme - No rules, no regulations. Twin turbo power with all the stops pulled.
                                                    • NEW VEHICLE: Autobello Stambecco
                                                      • New utilitarian off-road vehicle featuring quirky swing-axle suspension, portal hubs as well as 4x4 and 6x6 drivetrains
                                                      • Available in early configurations with an air cooled gasoline 6-cylinder engine, or modernized configurations with a turbocharged 6-cylinder diesel engine
                                                      • The first vehicle in the game to feature Tire Pressure Management System allowing on-the-fly tire pressure adjustments
                                                      • 3 body styles: van, pickup, and covered pickup
                                                      • 20 configurations to choose from, including military, civilian, police, ambulance and fire service as well as a custom racing version
                                                    • NEW VEHICLE: FPU Wydra
                                                      • New 8-wheel-drive skid-steer amphibious ATV
                                                      • 7 Unique configurations
                                                      • Fiberglass tub chassis holding a tiny 800cc i3 engine with optional turbocharger
                                                      • 2 configurations featuring a big-wheel 4x4 conversion kit allowing for crossing of some of the most fearsome wetland terrain
                                                    • Bruckell Bastion
                                                      • Fixed interior mirror angle
                                                    • Cherrier FCV
                                                      • Fixed Vivace/Tograc production years
                                                    • ETK 800-Series
                                                      • Fixed interior normal map
                                                      • Fixed errors thrown by non config related inputs of the roller prop
                                                    • Gavril D-Series
                                                      • Added D45 Off-Road Ambulance configuration
                                                      • Added animated transfer case shifter
                                                      • Added more spare wheel options for desert truck configurations
                                                      • Tweaked shape of tube front bumpers
                                                      • Updated off-road parts to PBR
                                                      • Reduced Force Feedback Strength of the custom off-road configs
                                                      • Updated off-road rear lights
                                                      • Tweaked stability of off-road IFS steering
                                                      • Improved off-road suspension tuning
                                                    • Gavril H-Series
                                                      • Tweaked stability of off-road IFS steering
                                                    • Ibishu Hopper
                                                      • Added Hopper Rock racer config, designed for quick traversal of desert and rocky terrain
                                                    • Added Hopper Gecko config, featuring the biggest tires yet, it is slow but can climb over any obstacle
                                                      • Hopper Crawler updated with better handling and new bypass shock absorbers code
                                                      • Updated off-road parts to PBR
                                                      • Improved off-road suspension tuning
                                                    • Dry Van Trailer
                                                      • Added ‘Team Off-Road’ configuration
                                                    • Common
                                                      • Lights
                                                        • Added generic halogen lights
                                                        • Updated generic bumper rally lights on various vehicles
                                                      • Wheels
                                                        • Added ‘Faser High-tide Off-Road Wheels’
                                                        • Added ‘Alder Supertrail Off-Road Wheels’
                                                        • Added ‘UTR Impact Off-Road Wheels’
                                                        • Fixed width of 6 lug 16x7 steel wheels
                                                      • Tires
                                                        • Added more sizes of ‘Grip-All Screamer’ tires
                                                        • Added off-road tires to 13x5 slot

                                                    • NEW MAP: Johnson Valley
                                                      • 10km² in size
                                                      • Designed mainly for hard off-road vehicles
                                                      • Includes an abundance of rock-crawling paths, dirt trails, and dunes
                                                    • East Coast, USA
                                                      • AI road fixes
                                                    • Gridmap
                                                      • Fixed mesh that caused holes in terrain
                                                      • Fixed gap in terrain within the handling zone
                                                    • Hirochi Raceway
                                                      • Fixed terrain popping from asphalt
                                                      • Fixed a couple of flying trees
                                                    • Italy
                                                      • Changed Sicuro brand name billboard to Ce La Fai
                                                    • Utah
                                                      • Fixed decalroads clipping through a bridge near the mountain
                                                    • West Coast, USA
                                                      • Added quarry site and equipment
                                                    • Updated movie studio zone
                                                    • Updated and expanded dockyards warehouse
                                                      • Added paths through the southern park and two new alleyways in the city area
                                                      • Adjusted the reflectiveness of oak leaves
                                                      • Improved coast road edging

                                                    • 2 new Mission types:
                                                      • Collection Mission type: Collect markers in an area. Available in several modes (Time/Recovery Attack, Time/Recovery Survival)
                                                      • Evade Mission type: Evade the police and arrive at your secret hideout. Available in WCUSA in freeroam
                                                    • 31 new Missions:
                                                      • Johnson Valley: 20 new Missions
                                                      • West Coast, USA: 6 new Missions
                                                      • East Coast, USA: 2 new Missions
                                                      • Italy: 2 new Missions
                                                      • Derby Arenas: 1 new Mission
                                                    • Converted 23 existing Time Trials into missions
                                                    • Mission type changes:
                                                      • AI Race / Chase: various AI improvements
                                                      • Crawl: now has a mode without points
                                                      • Delivery: refactored timer model to work the same way as all other missions
                                                      • Dragrace: now shows detailed race statistics at the end of the race
                                                      • Drift: refactored drift code and fixed a few minor issues
                                                    • Improved the UI layout in several mission types
                                                    • Improved Traffic setup for all missions. This will allow faster and smarter traffic spawning in the future

                                                    Input and FFB
                                                    • Changed behavior of the F7 vehicle teleport: It will now put the vehicle at the position and direction of the camera without resetting the damage
                                                    • Added default configurations for Logitech Pro Playstation, Logitech Pro XBox, PXN V10 steering wheels, for Logitech Pro Pedals, and for the Leo-Bodnar adapter for various Logitech H-shifters
                                                    • For keyboard users: the steering wheel position is now maintained until the vehicle moves, and will autocenter as usual when moving. This is especially helpful during parking, rock crawling and other kinds of low-speed driving, as well as for taking cooler screenshots in photo mode! It can be disabled in Options → Gameplay → “Hold steering at low speed”
                                                    • Improved the behaviour of steering wheel softlock forces
                                                    • Improved throttle controllability for most gamepads
                                                    • Added helpful hints in logs when a modder develops a vehicle with vehicle-specific input events
                                                    • All the A-function, D-function, and other similar bindings are finally removed (their deprecation warning has been visible since 2015). Any modders still utilizing the old system will be shown an error log with instructions on how to proceed
                                                    • Added a log to record instances where a thruster is unable to be activated because it is tied to an invalid signal
                                                    • Fixed an issue that caused FFB smoothing to not apply when the configuration was manually edited using a text editor instead of the in-game menus
                                                    • Fixed the default throttle binding for Hitec Aurora 9 RC controllers
                                                    • Updated blocked actions for many missions

                                                    Vehicle Systems NOTE
                                                    We’ve changed how you interact with the vehicle’s ignition system. If you want to start the engine, hold the V key (by default) until the engine turns on. Pressing it once will toggle through different ignition states, but won’t engage the starter motor.
                                                    • Revamped Ignition System
                                                      • All ignition levels (0 - Off, 1 - Accessories only. 2 - On, 3 - Starter active) are now freely accessible
                                                      • Press V (by default) to toggle between states 0-2 and hold V to start the engine
                                                      • In-vehicle screens react to igntion level changes dynamically
                                                      • Improved general UI messages about ignition levels and engine state
                                                      • EVs now properly react to ignition levels too
                                                      • In Arcade mode, the car will automatically enter the correct state to drive away if asked to do so
                                                      • Improved stall warning and automatic restart
                                                      • Arcade mode will select a matching gear when automatically starting the engine
                                                      • Improved parking brake usage during engine start, for example to prevent the car from rolling downhill
                                                    • Completely revamped EV control logic
                                                      • The brake pedal will use only regenerative braking at first, until either the vehicle slows down too far or the regenerative brakes can’t provide enough braking power on their own
                                                      • The blending of braking methods (regenerative brakes and friction brakes) has been improved so that the brake pedal feels more like a gas-powered vehicle
                                                      • Added a new section to the Pie menu (under the “Powertrain” section) to adjust how strong the regenerative braking is when lifting off of the throttle (without pressing the brakes)
                                                      • Added a “1-Pedal Driving” feature when the regenerative braking strength is at the highest level
                                                        • This feature allows the car to come to a complete stop without needing to touch the brake pedal. The brakes are held automatically until the throttle pedal is pressed again.
                                                    • Implemented dynamic tire pressure management system
                                                      • Automatically equalizes pressure within the wheels of an axle
                                                      • Axles can be connected to the air source either individually or multiple at once
                                                      • Air pressure of connected axles can be raised and lowered
                                                    • Reduced animation speed of automatic shifters
                                                    • Improved shift behavior of manual transmissions when overriding the clutch and locking the wheels
                                                    • Added new “manual close” latch type to advanced couplers for latches that do not latch automatically
                                                    • Additional controls implemented for drive modes
                                                      • Powertrain device control
                                                      • Custom electrics values
                                                      • Radial menu entries
                                                      • Simple UI button support
                                                    • Implement ability to control multiple powertrain device states together via drive modes (for example a combined rear differential lock for two rear axles)
                                                    • Improved DCT downshift behavior under heavy braking
                                                    • Automatically reduced maximum upshift RPM based on potentially installed rev-limiter
                                                    • Improved unicycle/player vehicle transient stopping behavior
                                                    • Fixed beacon spin controller to work with multiple independent lights
                                                    • Added support for vehicles that steer via differential braking

                                                    • Added support for centrifugal clutches
                                                    • Cold engine takes longer time to start
                                                    • Fixed ABS not working on non-wheel rotators with brakes
                                                    • Updated energyStorage physics constants to be a little more precise
                                                    • Fixed differentials and shafts not checking for allowed modes when changing modes via code
                                                    • Enabled non-wheel rotators with brakes to have brake thermals
                                                    • Made water cooling coefficient of brakes adjustable to allow for non-submersible brakes
                                                    • Added a guard against wrongly configured electric radiator fan settings

                                                    • Reloading vehicle ctrl+R after user changes vehicle visibility manually using the “Increase/Decrease Mesh Visibility” key bindings will retain previous transparency
                                                    • Added Fuel Stations in freeroam to West Coast USA and Johnson Valley:
                                                      • Stop next to a fuel pump and click on the Fueling prompt. Your Vehicle will be refueled completely
                                                      • This feature is only available if “Show Mission Markers” is enabled. (Options → User Interface → Show Ingame Mission Markers)
                                                    • Added a bunch more beam debug modes
                                                      • Also fixed UI displaying wrong mode for deform and break groups
                                                    • Updated the “Drop player at camera” action to keep all the damage
                                                    • Added new input action “Teleport to last road”
                                                    • Recovering on top of water will put the vehicle on the water surface now
                                                    • Improved recovering, so it should never put the vehicle under the terrain
                                                    • Any “safe teleports” will now always fix broken vehicle meshes
                                                    • Overview Map now remembers the camera position when going from free cam to map

                                                    • Added universal latch open/close control in the Pie menu
                                                    • Added Cruise Control interaction in the Pie menu
                                                    • Added dually and hydraulic pump icons in the powertrain debug app
                                                    • Revamped how the simple powertrain control buttons are created, they are now sent from the vehicle to the app
                                                    • The Powertrain UI app (start/stop button) is now visible from cockpit by default, so people can control differentials and other functionality regardless of the chosen camera
                                                    • Improved Pedals UI app: its numeric rounding is smarter, only displaying 0% and 100% when the pedals are at the very limits of travel. The visuals will highlight those cases too, helping notice a misconfigured deadzone
                                                    • Added a force feedback clipping indicator to the Steering UI app
                                                    Added some tips to Force Feedback tab, to educate people on safer usage of steering wheels
                                                    • Added several helpful tips in Options → Force Feedback tab, for users of Logitech Pro wheels and for users of Logitech F710 and F310 gamepads, guiding them to properly configure their drivers and physical switches
                                                    • Minor cleanup and optimizations to the Force Feedback menu
                                                    • Improved the bottom buttons of ctrl+W Parts Manager and Tuning menu, to avoid accidental clicking on the wrong one and losing your changes
                                                    • Improved FPS Limiter label and fixed some related UI coloring issues
                                                    • Fixed the Force Feedback menu sometimes requiring an exit and re-enter before it could reflect some changes
                                                    • Fixed the Steering UI app using an incorrect scale for FFB when using XBox devices
                                                    • Removed several outdated unused UI files, reducing the game download size
                                                    • Fixed non-wheel rotators with brakes not being displayed in the wheel debug app
                                                    • Forcefully reset the “Menu” UI layout to ensure that everyone has the Messages app in it
                                                    • Inside the Vehicle Config → Debug UI
                                                      • Added scaling nodes and beams
                                                      • Added changing nodes transparency
                                                    • Fixed the issue with the vehicle transparency changing while hovering over the Vehicle Parts Selector
                                                    • Some buttons in the radial menu will now be hidden if the corresponding input action is blocked
                                                    • Added bloom adjustments to photomode
                                                    • Created Police Info app, useful for freeroam and for police evasion missions
                                                    • Improved Hotlapping app; added buttons for Start AI, Stop AI, and Toggle Markers
                                                    • Various Powertrain app improvements
                                                    • Many icons have been updated
                                                    • Various minor UI bugfixes
                                                    • Lots of background work building a foundation and set of components for the transition to the new UI framework
                                                    • Implemented a minor improvement to color and transparency behavior of the vehicles' clickable 3D triggers
                                                    • Fixed visibility of all in-game vertical markers, particularly at long distances or at low game resolutions
                                                    • Fixed the ordering of vehicles in the selector. It will now be based on the full displayed name (including brand), instead of just the vehicle model
                                                    • Improved vehicle selector categorization: trucks, boats and planes will now be shown near cars at the top; and these splits are now visually conveyed with a subtle color tint
                                                    • Updated official translations

                                                    • Improved the audio filtering system. Previously, regardless of cabin type, the audio would be muffled, but now the audio will respond appropriately while driving a vehicle with an open cabin, such as an ATV. Please note that this feature is still work in progress and not yet available for all vehicles and under all conditions
                                                    • Fixed radiator fan sound getting restarted constantly
                                                    • Improved hydraulic sounds for dump truck
                                                    • Added new V8 engine sounds to Bruckell Bastion and SP Dunekicker
                                                    • Added new sounds for race handbrakes
                                                    • Added new impact sounds for non-vehicle props: Steel Barrel, Ball, Saw Horse Barrier, Wood Crate, Wood Planks, Gate
                                                    • Added additional gear shift sounds for more variation
                                                    • Added ambiences and reverb zones for Johnson Valley
                                                    • Added new UI sounds for fueling system
                                                    • Added Bypass Shock sounds
                                                    • Upgraded FMOD to 2.02.10

                                                    • Improved bloom method to produce a more authentic and visually appealing effect DISABLED

                                                    • Particles emitted by the vehicle (such as dust, smoke, fire, dirt, etc) are now correctly affected by wind physics. For modders: windCoefficient field in particles has been deprecated, now only dragCoefficient has to be used to tune this effect

                                                    • Added a new option (Options → Other → Enable lossy compression) that allows users to disable compression of replay files. Disabling compression will significantly increase replay file sizes, but will also eliminate noticeable jitter in node positions. This issue was most visible at high speeds while in cockpit view and is unrelated to the type of jitter suffered by loose parts (and which still benefits from higher FPS and slowmo)

                                                    Mod Manager
                                                    • Added support for Zip64, mods bigger than 4GB packed or using files bigger than 4GB will mount properly now

                                                    • Fixed issue where suspect would do a U-turn at the bridge in East Coast Chase Groups
                                                    • Made waypoint marker colors sharper, to improve their visibility

                                                    • AI can now race with you after you set up checkpoints with the Hotlapping app; simply spawn some vehicles, place them at the start, and click on Start AI in the app
                                                    • Refactored AI navigraph generation
                                                    • Use mailbox to transmit map data to vehicles
                                                    • Optimize AI memory use
                                                    • Refactored AI Lane logic
                                                    • AI chase fixes

                                                    • Improved police spawning logic and roadblock placing logic
                                                    • Improved and optimized parked vehicles spawning logic
                                                    • Added some parallel parking spots, and added more general parking spots for some maps
                                                    • Traffic and parked vehicles now have more realistic paint randomization, so that common colors are more likely and rare colors are less likely

                                                    World Editor
                                                    • Added Lasso Selection for Forest editor
                                                      • Freehand and Polyline lasso selection styles
                                                    • Added snap to grid on drag from Asset Browser
                                                    • Added groundmodel for terrain material editor
                                                    • Forest Editor: Added mesh preview for ForestBrushElements, Forest Meshes and for selected mesh in inspector
                                                    • Fixed Forest Editor ForestBrushItem deselected when selecting a ForestItemData object
                                                    • Fixed Forest Editor ForestBrushItem mesh preview not updating on field change
                                                    • Fixed roads are editable when in packed prefabs
                                                    • Added showing current action names for selected tool & toolmode in Shortcut Legend window
                                                    • The level validator now also detects duplicated forest items
                                                    • Cam Path Editor: Fixed camera preview position being incorrect when the path was linked to a replay
                                                    • Created Object to Spline Editor; it allows you to automatically copy and align an object along a selected DecalRoad or MeshRoad, such as placing barriers for prefabs
                                                    • Improved usage of Experimental tool: AI Route Test
                                                    • Improved a few debug shape visuals for the road and navgraph visualizations
                                                    • Fixed bugs in the transform utility and the editors that use it

                                                    • Fixed reset behaviors for a few nodes
                                                    • Created a node that can teleport a group of vehicles
                                                    • Fixed an issue where the map navgraph would not generate some segments properly after running a flowgraph that uses a Load Level node

                                                    Game Engine
                                                    • Further settings system cleanup
                                                    • Improved default Steam Deck graphics settings
                                                    • Implemented improvements to the way graphics settings are applied
                                                    • Fixed the settings system not applying Steam Deck-specific configuration, getting the regular PC-oriented configuration (which is not optimized for power consumption among other things)
                                                    • Fixed the settings system not detecting changes on the fly when edited with an external file editor
                                                    • Fixed the settings system sometimes crashing on native Linux version
                                                    • Exposed getItemsPolygon for ForestData
                                                    • Improved error message for DirectX11 running out of memory
                                                    • Added functionality to make vehicle spawn with certain transparency via vehicle:setSpawnMeshAlpha(alpha) function
                                                    • Implemented improvements to the Flexmesh vertex/node picking algorithm
                                                    • Fixed an issue with incorrect being color being used for debugDrawer:drawLine() and debugDrawer:drawTri()
                                                    • Fixed an issue where some vehicles could not be set as the default vehicle
                                                    • Cleaned up more Torque Script files that were used during the game startup
                                                    • Fixed JSON serialization for default values in arrays (previously, the array’s size would shrink if it contained default values)

                                                    Vehicle Editor
                                                    • Added Flexmesh Debug App
                                                      • Allows you to visualize vertices per flexmesh
                                                      • Allows you to see the relationship between nodes and vertices
                                                        • Can pick a vertex to see its associated 3~4 locator nodes
                                                        • Can pick a node to see all its associated vertices
                                                      • Allows you to analyze where nodes are lacking in areas of the mesh and will output suggested node coordinates
                                                    • JBeam Picker
                                                      • Now picks nodes and beams with the current node/beam debug mode ctrl+M / ctrl+B

                                                    • Added ability to overwrite break, impact, scrape and wind sound events from jbeam
                                                    • Added prop property translationGlobal (prop translation takes place with respect to vehicle coordinates axis)

                                                    • Added obj:queueOtherObjectLuaCommand(cmd) to vehicle Lua. It sends a Lua command to all other objects
                                                    • Added obj:getGraphicsStepCount(). It returns a counter that increases with each graphics step
                                                    • Added onTireDeflated vehicle Lua extensions hook
                                                    • Added tableRoundRobin(table, lastKey) Lua utility function. It returns the next key of a Lua table in cyclical fashion
                                                    • Added vec3:setCross(v1, v2) Lua vec3 method. It sets a vec3 into the result of the cross product of two vectors
                                                    • Added quat:toDirUp() Lua quaternion method. It returns two vectors that represent the rotation of a quaternion
                                                    • Added lua debugger: VSCode extension – to enable it – start the game with -luadebug
                                                    • Fixed Standard PID post-init settings change not applying correctly
                                                    • Improved runtime controller loading support
                                                    • Added ability to set the Cruise Control target acceleration from code
                                                    • Normalized API names across the existing smoothers, temporal smoothing functionality change: get() now behaves as getUncapped(), the previous capped behavior can be used with getUncapped()
                                                    • Implemented highly detailed bypass damper simulation based on professional input
                                                    • Gearbox logic files now can serialize/deserialize their own state across reloads

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