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    Teleglitch (PC)


    I didn't see a thread for this, so if there is one please merge it. Has anyone tried this? Seems like it has good gameplay. It apparently has a Linux version along with the Windows version (not that I'm a Linux fan, but there are some out there).

    I can never find a secret in this game ever....hey what's that?

    gotta love games where stuff like that happens
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      it has an interesting story that it tells in the game itself.

      gameplay is actually pretty fun.
      because of this thread, i actually went ahead and grabbed it (even though i
      said i wouldn't buy any games to try and save a bit of money). i spent most of
      today playing it.

      it's a bit tough and a bit unforgiving, being a rogue-like.

      though, some of the larger (in physical size) enemies can be easier than
      the smaller enemies. you can almost circle strafe most large enemies and
      bosses, then have a hard time dealing with the "scientists" with machine guns.

      crafting is a bit.. easy.
      you don't have to learn any recipes. as long as you have the items in your
      inventory, you can make it straight off the bat. i found myself opening up the
      crafting menu everytime i picked something up to see if i could craft something

      though almost completely different, it almost felt like when i was playing FTL.
      although FTL has much more replayability to me.
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