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TAUT - Horror [ Old skool console Rpg ]

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    TAUT - Horror [ Old skool console Rpg ]

    Taut is a horror game with elements of Silent Hill (mostly the visual presentation of the game) and the movies of David Lynch. I'd like to add the description "Drama", too, because the story is more or less realistic and human but splitted into pieces of many metaphors which are all very weird and disturbing.
    The empty town has nothing to do with Silent Hill. It's just a normal town as everywhere, but (consciously) without any name. Why is the town empty? Well think about it while playing the game .

    In Taut you are able to influence the action by your own. You can go different routes and ignore Scenes which will variate the events in some cases very much. Try something out! (For example: Ignore the chalkboard scene with Alvin in the school by not bringing him the letter.)
    But be careful with your energy. It will decrease if you just come across disturbing events. Sometimes you have to abandon something and better go a way, where a bit more calmative things wait for you.

    TAUT (english version, small)

    TAUT (english version + rm2k RTP files)

    Thread link

    Updated to the project

    Believe it was in german has been translated to english
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    Can You please re-upload this? I really want it but the download has been removed



      i played through this game up until a part in the school when there is absolutely nothing i can do to advance the game. is this game unfinished? i can't find walkthroughs or anything.


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