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Wierd Kernel32 problem.. pls help.

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    Wierd Kernel32 problem.. pls help.

    Hey guys,
    Starting earlier in the day.. Kernel32 seems to be stealing 100% of
    my CPU every now and then.. it happens a few minutes after windows
    fully loads and randomly afterwards..

    I know it's Kernel32.dll because I would monitor the CPU resources
    of all the programs.. and gradually, Kernel32 would start going from
    zero to 100% and stay there for about a minute before releasing it..

    I've tried re-extracting kernel32.dll (from msconfig), but that
    didn't help.. i've checked all my startup files and nothing is out
    of the ordinary.. i've scanned for viruses, nothing came up.. i've
    cleaned out my registry.. all to no avail.

    Has this happened to anyone before? This is the first time i've
    encountered this problem..

    i've tried searching for similar happenings on the net and came
    across some reasons the kernel32.dll might generate problems.. one
    of them was "bad video drivers".. since i'm using the 9031's, i'm
    wondering if anyone else is experiencing this with this driver?

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