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Vista Service Pack 2 new feature - Service Pack Cleanup tool

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    Vista Service Pack 2 new feature - Service Pack Cleanup tool

    If you're happy with the way Vista is running post-SP2 install, you can reclaim lots of disk space with the new service pack cleanup tool.

    This removes a lot of old backup files left over from service pack and certain updates that have been installed, freeing up disk space. Note that you will not be able to remove SP2 and certain updates after performing this action.

    To run either open a command shell and enter the above path and command, or try Start - Run and enter 'compcln'. You may be prompted to elevate if you have UAC enabled.

    This is not a new feature, as it was present in SP1 as well.
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      sp1 was vsp1cln.exe ... they're like, totally different!


        Originally posted by genci88 View Post
        This is not a new feature, as it was present in SP1 as well.


          “SP2 also includes a Service Pack Clean-up tool (Compcln.exe), which helps restore the hard disk space by permanently deleting the previous versions of the files (RTM and SP1) that are being serviced by SP2. The Pack Clean up tool can also be run offline while creating slipstream images to reduce the size of the image,” Microsoft informed.

          In this context, Vista SP2 offers an evolved form of the Vsp1cln.exe tool, which was integrated into SP1, but is no longer a part of the second service pack for the operating system. However, the basic functionality has been successfully preserved. Namely, compcln.exe is designed to perform the same task as Vsp1cln.exe, that is making the installation of the Service Pack permanent, by deleting all components associated with previous releases, and in this manner removing the possibility of restoring a past state.

          It's new and improved


            Yay, cleaning

            700MBs. Not bad
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