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Vista folder type customize bug

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    Vista folder type customize bug

    I got an annoying bug with Vista. It doesn't remember or loose my folder type settings randomly...

    For example I went in my Program Files folder and Vista detect it as a Music folder even though there's no music in it.

    All my folders are screwed up. I know I can change the folder type by right clicking on the folder, properties and click customize.

    Another example, if I have 1 picture in the folder with 200 other non picture files it makes it thumbnails even though i have set it explicitly to view details.

    The customize setting may last for a few days but then all of sudden I'll go to my folder and the type or customize setting is all changed again.

    Any fix so Vista keeps settings? And yes, "Remember each folder's view settings" is checked.
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    Yeah, this is a common problem and one of my biggest annoyances. As far as I know the only fix is to completely disable "smart" folder view settings selection so Vista doesn't put a folder into music view because it finds a single MP3 in there.

    I've been using the fix for a while and it was working fine for ~3 months but now I'm having an annoying issue with one of the folder view settings. I don't know if it's the fix that caused it, but now Vista won't let me set my music folder to "music details", I pick the option but it uses "music icons" instead...O_o

    Either way, here's a link to the fix if you want to give it a shot:

    Alternate link:
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