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slipstream vista with sp1 question...

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    slipstream vista with sp1 question...

    Anyone know a site or something to slipstream my vista home premium with the new sp1?

    Slipstreaming is not supported with SP1.
    This does not mean it cannot be done though. There seems to be a way to do it although it is different from 'traditional' way of slipstreaming/integration.

    It's called 'reverse integration'.
    I have not done this, and I don't plan to do it. (I'm going to wait till MS releases SP1 'officially' to public, and preferably get Vista SP1 integrated DVD from Microsoft.
    Anyway, according to WinBeta, reverse integration of Vista SP1 works as per guide below:

    CaveEdit - Updated instructions -

    1. Install Vista RTM to a secondary partition (not the main boot partition). The primary reason for this is one doesn’t want all the boot associated files of that computer related to BCD and boot.ini being part of the final image.

    2. Once in the Out of Box Experience (OOBE) after setup, type Ctrl-Shift-F3 to enter Audit mode. In case you’re wondering what/where OOBE is, it is the part after setup where the user is setting up his/her username, password etc.

    3. The system will then reboot into Audit mode and a Sysprep window will pop up. Do not close the Sysprep window.

    4. Run the Vista SP1 installer and let it do its thing.

    5. After the SP1 setup is complete, you’ll find yourself back at the main Vista desktop with the Sysprep window open and SP1 will be installed and ready to go. From the Sysprep selection window, select OOBE, Generalize, and to Shut Down the system.

    6. Boot the system into a WinPE disk or another OS install (ie. XP), do NOT boot back into Vista, and run the following imagex command (imagex can be found in WAIK):

    imagex /compress maximum /flags “Business” /capture d: c:\install.wim “Windows Vista Business”

    where d: is the drive Vista is installed on and c:\install.wim is the location to store the new install.wim. Replace “Business” with whatever edition of Vista you are installing and replace the drive letters with your own.

    6. Once the image has been built, replace the old install.wim in the Vista RTM ISO in \Sources\ with the newly created install.wim using a registered version of UltraISO (Version 8.0 or higher). Save the ISO and you’re done.
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      The advantage of the reverse integration method (I'm playing with it now) is that you can install other applications and drivers into your image as well, so you can have your normal installed apps ready to go post install.


        Okay, question, just how FAR can you go with this? Can you plug in registry entries and create shortcuts and such for a larger scale roll out? MSN me next time your on, Caveman, I got bunches o questions on "reverse integration".
        If you feel like I'm hurting your wittle feelings too much, refer me to this thread : A new nicer moshpit???
        "Go screw yourself Apple."


          It's actually really simple, and really powerful. Once you get to the audit mode desktop, you can install drivers, applications, setup policies etc., before 'resealing' the install with sysprep. Then you attach to the install from another OS running the Windows AIK, and put the resulting WIM file into your DVD image.

          Best way to play with it is in a VM, create a VM with two HD's, first one 12GB or so, the second one 20Gb. On the first one install XP and the WAIK, then reboot and install Vista on the second, do your reverse integration (hint - copy your drivers, apps etc on to the XP vHD for easy access) and then reboot and use the Vista OS selector to boot XP to run the WAIK, create the WIM and finish off your distro with vLite (drivers, customize, unattended etc.).


            Here's an updated guide from MyDigitalLife (source of previous reverse integration guide) - MyDigitalLife


              Funny enough, I tried this today. I got as far as prepping Windows in Audit mode...the moment it came to using 'imagex', I realised I need WAIK (which is nearly 1gb big).

              As I don't really have the bandwidth (or the patience ) to download this mammoth, is it possible for someone to package these following files from the WAIK? :


              I'd really frickin' appreciate it.

              But from this post, I realize that the Audit mode is quite powerful. I never figured you can install your own software and then re-package Windows via imagex/vLite.


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