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Tcp-Ip patch for XP64 SP2

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    Tcp-Ip patch for XP64 SP2

    I finally found a Tcp-Ip patch for XP64 SP2 which I've been looking for a while, so I thought I'd share it with you
    -hexed by zork on 3.29.07 because no one has bothered making a patch to fix 4226 on Windows XP Pro x64 sp2
    -based on version 5.2.3790.3959
    -half-open connections limit is returned to 16,777,215
    -released on

    install for dummies:
    1. boot into safe mode
    2. FIND file (win+f) tcpip.sys
    3. delete all instances of it for your XPx64 installion except the one in this directory
    4. copy the tcpip.sys in this dir to c:\windows\system32\drivers (or whatever your install dir is)
    5. if SFC whines, press 'cancel' then 'keep new'
    6. reboot
    rar file with four versions - 50, 100, 200 and 1000 half-open connections limit:

    If you would rather have it gone completely, here's a file with the limit at 16.7M (highest possible number):

    Do-It-Yourself instructions: (65k limit in below example)
    TCPIP.SYS 5.2.3790.3959

    Hex (Offset) Mod Original
    00000148 1B 26
    00000149 7E 7D
    000B85CC FF 0A
    000B85CD FF 00
    000B85CE FF 00

    The first two (148 & 149) are the checksum of the file, the others are the limit.
    If you want to use a smaller limit, you need to calculate the correct checksum again, I use pechksum to calculate it. edit it & replace it in Safe Mode.
    Found all this from a link to a PlanetAmd64 thread:
    Tcp-Ip patch for XP64 SP2