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  • Hyrax
    I hear they are starting to use the Nutscrape style in airports.

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  • DarkSyde
    started a topic Looking for a Chrome extension that...

    Looking for a Chrome extension that... in a similar fashion to PlainOldFavorites for Firefox. I have never been a fan of the 'Nutscrape' style bookmark system and would prefer to keep using the Favorites folder/menu on the Windows start menu. I don't want to have to keep mucking about with trying to sync my bookmarks and such either, so that type of plugin won't cut the mustard.

    I tried searching with Google but didn't have any luck. Frankly I've had nothing but trouble with Firefox since Version 3 (randomly instantly timing out trying to load a page as if it didn't even try :|... clicking retry works every time.) I've put up with it long enough and would really like to make Chrome my default browser.