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bluetooth kicking my ***

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    bluetooth kicking my ***

    i grabbed a $10 macsense from frys. was supposed to be toshiba drivers but it is widcomm.
    it all installs well though. gives me lan, audio, radio, etc.
    i have a wiimote and a headset for ip phone i want to use with it.

    BUT... i am getting the really irritating "device not found" and "Unable to start the Bluetooth stack service".
    all hardware drivers are working. i think i'm a bit confused on what tha stack specifically is. is it the single hardware driver? or other tag along software? no other bluetooth ever installed previously.

    i have also done the bth.inf rename for sp2 fix and the bluetooth service is running. i can stop/start it at will.

    google searches are getting me no where now and i'm just not in the mood for this atm
    However, I am in the extreme minority, and I understand that there is something fundamentally wrong with me

    If you are using the Wiimote, just select your bluetooth device, click on add a new divice. On your controller press 1 and 2 at the same time and it should recognize them. Add them without a "code" and it should work fine.
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