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Teh CS5 wickedness

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    Teh CS5 wickedness
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    Originally posted by Razeus View Post
    Amazing stuff

    Hopefully it works just as well when its implemented in the retail software.


      I didn't watch with sound, but some of that stuff looks awesome.

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        Screw all that crap... I want CS5 in pure Cocoa 64-bit goodness for Snow Leopard


          very cool!


            interesting. I wonder if it will scale to better performance with more cores? (istanbul, core i9) or if there will be GPU acceleration available.


              I thought CS4 provided GPU acceleration, so I'd imagine that this would too.
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                Originally posted by metroidfox View Post
                I thought CS4 provided GPU acceleration, so I'd imagine that this would too.
                CS4 does... caveman is just a wee bit behind on teh times.
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                  Delve deeper into which functions are GPU accelerated and you'll see not all are supported, some are still CPU only. I'm sure if those new functions were GPU accelerated then nVidia or ATI would be yelling from the rooftops "hey look at our STREAM processors omg teh chit!"