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zotac store woes (funny, not funny)

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    zotac store woes (funny, not funny)

    Ordered a refurbished mini PC with integrated GTX1070.
    System arrived with tiny 3.42A @ 19.5V power brick.

    I think to myself....hmmm A x V=watts. 3.42x19.5= 66 watts?

    Google'd GTX 1070 TDP... 150Watts wtf.

    Looks at bottom of miniPC.. says Input:19.5V---11.8A -> 230 watts.

    Zotac Store sold and shipped a miniPC requiring 230 watts with a 66 watt power brick.

    I posted a question on their support site asking if they would send me the correct power brick. No reply.

    I called customer support. They said I needed to email.

    Emailed... still waiting on reply.
    Objectify the transcendent.

    I didn’t have an issue when I bought my RTX 3090 from them. Gays sent me game code plenty fast.


      Two days later, Zotac Store replied to my email and said they sent out the correct power brick. Will take a week to get here. Not 100% confident it will be the correct one.

      [Update] Got the replacement. Correct wattage but wrong connector.
      Lesson learned.

      [Update 2] After sending photos of power bricks, jacks and serial numbers, Zotac did end up 2 day shipping me the correct power brick.
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      Objectify the transcendent.