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overclocking safety

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    overclocking safety

    right now I have a 1.3 Ghz Athlon running at 1.43 Ghz @ 50 degrees Celcius (55 during very high load, 40 at complete idle)
    my memory (two sticks of PC100 cas 2 and one stick PC133 cas3) is running at PC152 cas 2(since I run my FSB at 110 it really should be 143, but SiSoft reports it as PC152 and Fuzzy Logic reports it as PC133)

    AGP clock is 76 and PCI is 38

    I guess I'm kinda lucky cause it seems very stable and all
    but when should I stop?
    I don't wanna push the rig over the edge

    if I don't get any lockups, how far should I push it before giving up?
    any recommendations would be great!

    I'm not really a big fan of overclocking but I remember reading somewhere (I think it was Anandtech or someplace like that) that when overclocking, the PCI should not exceed 41mhz since that is the limit of what PCI cards can handle and after that, you start getting fried PCI cards.


      The PCI bus should stay at or below 39 to be safe, as for the rest bump it up little by little till it locks, then take it down a notch.
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        it's all abotu testing

        make sure everything u run regularly likes the new speed, then try a little more. And DEFINETLY dont exceed 41mhz.

        I ran 805mhz for a month until i found Adobe Premiere 6 crashes, so i went back down to 784mhz and all is well

        the difference was 38 vs 37mhz PCI. Who knows why? Overclocking aint an exact science


          after a couple of hours running the FSB at 111 it crashed during heavy load
          I'm back to 107 and I'll test it during the day
          115 caused immediate lockups

          thanks for the advice!