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    The Crew beta

    i know its a beta, but what did they do really.

    the driving in this game is worst than most driving game on iphone

    it is just that bad.
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    You aren't supposed to estimate the quality of the game based on the demoes or early media reviews, says Ubisoft's Sr. Communications Manager.

    It'll magically get better between now and release and will be great then like other recent Ubisoft titles.
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      I just played like 5 minutes of the demo on my xbox and wow what a POS.
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        Now this is what happens when you buy a game without reading any of the reviews beforehand, just because the price is good Yes I bought The Crew for PS4 because it was cheap. And WOW, how did this ever get released? Its complete and utter rubbish, honestly, how you are supposed to tell its on a PS4? It looks like a X360/PS3 launch title, its that bad, it has frame rate issues, even though its running at jagtastic resolution. Not that you spend much of the time driving, because it'll be loading for most of the time.
        I'm just feeling sorry for the poor kids that are going to unwrap this on Thursday morning. I actually saw a shop selling this abomination for £54.99, I mean WHAT????!!!! Its not worth more than a tenner.
        If you bought this for your kids PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let them have it, keep it sealed and take it back to the store and tell them you got 2 copies for xmas so you need a refund, if you're lucky you might get your money back, I'm going to trade it in before the price drops. Ubisoft should be ashamed, but I don't think that shame exists in the Ubisoft world.

        Ratings:- Out Of 10
        Graphics: 2, Low res, frame rate problems, very poor textures and lighting.
        Gameplay 2, Basic driving with sloppy handling, cut scenes everywhere.
        Longevity 6, If you can stand it for long enough, it seems quite a large game.

        But don't make the mistake I made, don't buy this game, it is no more than NFS-Underground, and NFS-U was better.