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Found a fix for PS3s that can't read BR Disc.

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    Found a fix for PS3s that can't read BR Disc.

    So my PS3 starts acting up. It would read the disc only like 20% of the time. Other times it would just act like the disc wasn't there. But when it works the player runs fine. So the problem seems the lay with the disc detection device, not the drive itself.

    I try many things, and I found one that works.

    What you do is to put your disc "slightly" into the drive. When you hear the noise, meaning that the drive is trying to pull the disc in, DO NOT let it. You should pull the disc back out at this time. The machine won't grab the disc too hard so it shouldn't be too hard to pull it out. After this you can put the disc in. And it WILL read.

    I had just tried this 7 times straight, and it worked all 7 times. Praise the Lord!
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    The alternative is to run the BR disc on a BR player.....

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      Id would just buy a new drive. Or buy the warranty extension off of PSN and have them fix it.

      Well as long as it works, I guess thats what matters.


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