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Heads up! Crackdown 2 demo has landed.

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    Heads up! Crackdown 2 demo has landed.

    Title pretty much says it all.

    Downloadin' at the moment. Heard it's a 30 minute demo with accelerated leveling. Should be awesome. Will post trip report once I get a crack at it.
    “On a lonely planet spinning its way toward damnation amid
    the fear and despair of a broken human race, who is left to fight for all
    that is good and pure and gets you smashed for under a fiver? Yes, it’s
    the surprising adventures of me, Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar!”

    YellowBeard says, "Fold ya scurvy b*st*rds!"

    played a little last night; was sorta confusing as I never played the first one. Wonder how long it will take to crack the time-limit? Just Cause demo took like 24 hours?


      sooo fun

      definitely a more refined experience than its predicessor

      i never grow tired of hearing the announcer