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    Kof 12

    Will there be a PC version?

    I heard more characters will be added through online update, is that true?

    Get marvel vs. capcom 2 instead if you want an old school 2 D fighter. If you want a 2 D fighter only then get SFIV if you haven't already.


      have SF4 on PC already

      Marvel vs capcom 2 is not available on PS3 or PC, is it?


        Originally posted by CKS View Post
        have SF4 on PC already

        Marvel vs capcom 2 is not available on PS3 or PC, is it?
        Is available on the PS3 (and PS3 is the better version as stated by IGN in their review). I am also thinking about picking it up but I already have too many games that I want to finish.


          Most people agree that KOF 12 have awesome graphics but as a KOF game it isn't as good as the older ones. There were very few characters and no final boss. Online mode is probably its only saving grace. In a way KOF 12 is a graphic testing game for SNK. Unless you are a big KOF fan I would recommend that you get something else or wait till some price drops.

          I would get MvsC 2 instead. There is a reason that it was the top game in arcades back then. It is coming out for PS3 in a few days for $15 or something. Online mode included!!!

          Or you can pick Soul Calibur 4 for around $20 from EB like me.
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