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Wall Mounting TV+ Sonos speakers

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    Wall Mounting TV+ Sonos speakers

    So long story short, my home is under renovation and I am not sure if I screwed up my entertainment center design.

    Hardware I will be buying for my new TV setup:
    - 55" LG G2 OLED TV
    - Sonos Beam Gen 2
    - 2x Sonos One rear speakers
    - Sonos Sub Gen 3

    The idea is, we want the LG G2 to be mounted to a full motion TV mount so that it can be easily viewed from multiple angles. Like being able to watch TV from our dinner table that's a few steps from the TV.

    Thing is, when we custom designed the our TV cabinet, we requested there be a hole behind where the soundbar is supposed to be. This "hole" is meant as a neat and tidy pass-through for the HDMI and power cable of our soundbar. This should be roughly 10cm away from the base of the TV.

    Something like this should technically work?
    But problem is, I want the speakers to move with the TV.

    Will something like this cause cabling issues with a Beam mount like this?

    Or am I essentially stuck with mounting the soundbar directly to the wall?
    If it works, any pros and cons for each type of mount?

    Another question unrelated to this.
    Also, how will you place rear speakers?

    Wall mount?

    Or stands?

    Sorry about the noobish questions but I am really excited to see how this turns out. Thanks for any input.

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      AllexxisF1 will probably know better but if you use the TV mount (the one that will keep your soundbar pointed in the right direction no matter which way you swing the TV) then your custom hole is probably useless unless you don't mind a very obvious sound bar power cable trailing out when you swing the whole thing out.

      As for your rear surrounds they need to be ear level when doing ATMOS or even higher if you don't plan on that. Those stands according to the specs are only about 33in tall, not sure if they will cut it plus they can be knocked over so I'd go wall mount.


        I have a Sonos Arc mounted below the TV in the living room but here's a few pictures to help you get a sense of how this looks and works.

        So, if you're getting a TV mount, expect it to look pretty much something like this. It'll slide between the rails for the TV mount and the TV. And when you move the TV around the Beam (or Arc, in my case) just moves with it like it's a part of the TV.

        For rear speakers, I bought a couple of these and have them on opposite ends of the couch.

        And I just have the sub sitting next to the sofa. It works pretty well in our living room.
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