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Banged up vintage photo - where to go for cleanup ?

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    Banged up vintage photo - where to go for cleanup ?

    My grandmother died in a car crash when my mum was 12. She never had any pictures to show us until very recently when one of her sisters got a hold of a bunch...

    One particular picture is very beautiful, but oh man it's in bad shape... I scanned it at 600 dpi (is that good enough ?) and there are dots everywhere, corner's torn, one eye is missing a piece...

    Where should I sent it for restoration ?

    It's like unicorns vomiting chocolate rainbows all over me as I float through a lollipop garden on a magic carpet.

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    Try this place:


      If its just one photo that is not super personal, try kindly asking on Reddit. Folks on there love the challenge of fixing photos.
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