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HD DVD delivers the next step in interactivity - internet downloads & "clip sharing"

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    HD DVD delivers the next step in interactivity - internet downloads & "clip sharing"

    One of the points hammered home at the conference was the importance of a standards in all HD DVD products, which is allowing the debut of community features, including downloading trailers, movie show times, and a new feature that allows users to share custom movie clips.

    Kevin Collins of the HD DVD Promotion Group demoed the sharing feature, which lets users send defined clips from movies over the Internet to their friends (assuming they also have the title on disc). Users can start and stop custom movie clips with one-button begin and end functionality and the player will store the clip in the unit's memory and upload it over the network to send to a friend.

    HD DVD users can access the content through the "Download Center," thanks to the "guaranteed features of every player," says Collins.
    Looks like we will have to start an HD DVD "tag" thread once this gets rolling!

    In other news, Blu-Ray has still not been able to match HD DVD's interactivity features from last year. Even Blu-Ray's best attempt "The Descent" with PIP is done via trickery (seamless branching with two encoded movie streams - one with the window, one without) instead of HD DVD's true PIP (one video stream overlayed on top of another), making advanced features such as multiple PIP windows (i.e. Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift U-Control) downright not work.

    And once again, every single HD DVD player out there is capable of these new community & internet features while Blu-Ray players at double the price can't do it at all

    Custom movie clips, sounds kinda cool. But the other person has to have the movie them self is kinda of annoying. The ability to view trailers via the net is far more interesting imho.

    And stay on context eh? If you want talk about blu-ray lacking features make a new thread about it already. I say this only because its bound to derail into that blu-ray topic instead of the main HD-DVD topic
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    not speaking for all and if I am wrong I never said it.
    (plz note that is meant as a joke)

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