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1080p HDTV? Television or computer monitor?

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    1080p HDTV? Television or computer monitor?

    After impulse buying a Playstation 3 online yesterday as a "Christmas present" to myself, I started thinking about what TV I should hook that piece of glory to. So, my thought process here when I bought it, I thought, if I just spent close to $900 on a brand new game system (granted, I've never done anything like this before), I might as well buy a something to display it on and why shouldn't I go all out on a HDTV? The only thing stopping me at that point was that I was limited on funds.

    So, after pondering about it for a few days, I decided to look into some cheap, yet quality HDTV's that also were of a decent size (32"-42"). After lookig around online, seeing prices in the ranges of $2000-3500, I happened to search newegg. Low and behold, I found these two nice HDTV's(really just computer monitors).

    Westinghouse Silver/Black 37" 16:9 8ms 1080p HD-Ready LCD TV Monitor Model LVM-37W3 $1099

    Westinghouse Silver/Black 42" 16:9 8ms 1080p HD LCD TV Monitor Model LVM-42W2 $1299

    Now, what I really need, is some input as if these are any good or if you have any better suggestions. Mind you, I am limited to the $800-1400 price range at the moment.

    Edit: Also, is there really that big of a difference from 720p vs 1080p? If not, then I will stick with the cheaper one. I have avoided the television world for a while now so I don't really know what is better (obviously 1080p, but is it worth it?)
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    There are current issues with those panels and the Playstation 3. Check out the last few pages or so in these 2 links for more info.

    A new 37" Westinghouse 1080p LCD monitor is coming: The Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" LCD Video Monitor is a state-of-the-art 1920 x 1080 progressive scan LCD display brings you the ultimate in Digital video. It's been optimized for use with the latest High Definition sources; enjoy HD digital...

    I have not been authorized to unlock the previous westy thread at this time. Due to multiple requests, I'm starting this thread as a continuation of the previous, Pt. I, here: I cannot promise the previous thread will be unlocked, so...


      i got the sharp aquos 42" 1080p
      , a lil more than your price though.. got it for $2249 (canadian)

      1080pvs 720p... Well so far the games ive played in 1080p just look a lil nicer, i wouldnt say theres a huge difference.
      Just look a lil crisper i guess.
      But then i could be comparing a good 720p game, and an ok looking 1080p game so...

      But yeah i think those sets have HDMI handshake problems or somthing..


        Originally posted by Osirus View Post
        But yeah i think those sets have HDMI handshake problems or somthing..
        I read this at Avsforums....

        Originally posted by tigzstudio
        I have some better news for Westy37 and PS3 users!

        I was determined to find a better way to stop the flickering, without turning the tv off and back on (seems like it could reduce the life of the tv in the long run)

        So I found that if you toggle the "i" button or info button on your remote while it is starting to flicker or during flickering it will find the signal.

        You will also notice that it says "no signal" instead of a resolution during the flicker.

        I just tested it again, and if you just leave the Info display (displaying the resolution and input in the upper right corner with "i" button on remote, and then load a BR dvd or a game it wont even do the flicker issue!)

        This is in my case, let me know how it works out for you.

        This is at least much less of a pain then turning the tv on and off, and its quicker response from the button to the tv.
        Originally posted by tigzstudio
        Ok further testing of the INFO button thing....

        You toggle the info button until you see it say "no signal" on the resolution display.. and then just leave it up with that and dont toggle anymore...

        this will stop the flicker everytime.
        I don't think this issue with the PS3 and the Westinghouse panels would be a deal breaker for me. I imagine once you stop the flicker the IQ is amazing.