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Toshiba Projection TV - Need advice

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    Toshiba Projection TV - Need advice

    Greetings all,

    I'm 10-15 minutes old to this web site and not too sure where to post this problem of mine.

    I own a Toshiba projection TV model 40H80 for good 3 years until yesterday when I turned on the TV all I saw was a blank screen. The audio is still working, but no picture. I dialed up friends and relatives some of whom suggested that I power reset then wait for 4 hours and turn it back on. I did that, but no luck. I also was told that I smack on the side of the TV a few times until I get the video. I did that voluntarily - I Kung-Fu the $h.t out of it until (finally) the picture showed up for good 5-10 minutes and then it disappeared again. The 3rd alternatives given to me was to buy a new TV... But before I really do that, I want to try to give it a jump start first.

    Anybody knows anything about this problem - Toshiba with sound only and no pictures?

    And just in case one wonders, yes I paid my cable TV. If I did not, in Chicago area, the cable company will cut the line off completely. They will not attempt to bargain or make my TV set works like a radio where only audio is available.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    btw, you can edit a post without starting a new thread... its next to the quote button on the right.