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Ohhhhh maaaaan, not another one...

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    Ohhhhh maaaaan, not another one...

    Analogix Semiconductor just announced its first receiver chip for the DisplayPort interconnect. Yeah, DisplayPort, the latest video interconnect standard which looks to replace HDMI, DVI, and even analog VGA connectors currently found in monitors, TVs, laptops and other portable consumer electronics. What's more, it's fully supported and even, preferred by the Video Electronics Standard Association (VESA) as a low power, low pin count, license-free video interconnect standard. The ANX9811 chip is now available to manufactures for sampling and, when paired with the company's existing ANX9801 transmitter, supports a full 10.8 Gbits/second data rate and WQXGA (2560×1600) resolution over a 15-meter cable. Fine. But the real news here is that the chips will support the DisplayPort 1.1 spec which was proposed in November and should be finalized by VESA in early 2007. The modified spec brings support for DisplayPorts own copy protection technology and now, finally, HDCP. It's not that we're big fans of HDCP or anything, but if we have to be saddled with wire-line encryption, let's choose one and be done with it, eh? Expect to hear more about DisplayPort at CES where Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung will be laying out the interconnect's roadmap in an fractured industry love-fest. Still, like any good standard, you'll have choices: Intel's also pushing their UDI (Unified Display Interface) interconnect to replace both DVI and HDMI in PCs. If we're lucky, Adam Smith will grab the whole lot by the throat to shake out a unified standard before the decade is up.


    Its license-free so its good, but its just too late IMO. People have already gone out and bought HDMI devices. So it would be entering a market flooded with established-userbase connection standards as it is.

    And, most importantly, I am getting an HDMI LCD within the next two weeks! So if it succeeds, I'll be screwed somehow
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      wiiee now we have vga, dvi, hdmi and now this ffs
      the technology is advancing so fast that just the rich persons can keep up..
      some months after I bought a HDTV the 1080p sets came out...
      soon we will see even higher res tvs and a new format before even blu-ray and hd-dvd catches on
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        Originally posted by badboy View Post
        soon we will see even higher res tvs and a new format before even blu-ray and hd-dvd catches on
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          lmfao, so glad i havent got a HDMI TV or anything yet! Stupidly technology advances too fast.

          I definetly dont think this will lift off for a good 2-4 years, especially since HDMI consoles have come out, 360 PS3. Most people are just coming into the market for plasmas and LCD's with HDMI.
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            Huh, when does this come out, probably not for a while? I have over $1000 saved for a HDTV right now and this is saying whatever TV I may decide to buy next month won't be future proof? I don't like to spend a lot of $$$ to upgrade expensive hardware and I wonder if I should wait.

            Well, if it's going to be a while I might as well get a HDTV anyway. No point in always waiting for the next best thing, even if it means higher resolutions and a better veiwing experience.