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    Room Renovations

    Got a new Olevia 32" 332h series HD(ready) LCD. Decided that I hated the office, and moved my former workstation to my room and compliment it with a new desk, cabinet, and a wall mount for the LCD.

    Can't say I knew what the hell an Olevia was until now. Was ridiculously easy to connect to my computer... perfectly displays 1360x768 via VGA. I ended up getting a VGA splitter... and now I'm very pleased in controlling my computer from my bed.

    Got some wire management to do, though. Hehe
    » AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Processor
    » MSI K9A2 Crossfire Motherboard
    » 2x Western Digital Raptors RAID-0 Boot
    » 8GB GeIL Black Dragon DDR2 RAM
    » SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 4850
    » Microsoft Windows 7 Build 7100
    » 2x Hanns·G 28" Monitors 3840x1200

    Looks nice man, but far too many flat panels for 1 room!

    Btw, ferrero rocher ftw.
    I have a PC and a MacBook Pro