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Console Forum Bashing OT Forum

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    Console Forum Bashing OT Forum

    this was posted as a thread starter...

    Originally posted by OoGravYoO
    Beacuse this forum has gone from fairly reasonable to a big pile of horse ****, I have decided to leave the console forum at Rage3d.. I know this will make some of you happy to have one less XBOX fan out there, but it really burns me that this forum has turned the way it has.. so congrats to you! you know who you are, for turning this into what it now represents..

    to which "whyamihere" replied later on...

    Originally posted by whyamihere
    Hell, this place is paradise compared to the off-topic area (although I did leave it a while ago so it might have improved).

    to which i replied....

    Originally posted by ZepBrian

    whats wrong with the OT forum? atleast we dont fight in every single thread possibly made

    to which he replied, and this is the kicker.................

    Originally posted by whyamihere


    Too many people - and I hate to sound high-and-mighty here but I'll do it anyway - who obviously have no idea about social, economic and political issues.

    You can tell the real morons. They're the ones who resort to childish replies... really childish. At least here there is an attempt, however misguided some individuals may be (and I'm not pointing fingers because I know so little about the technical side of these consoles) they do try and back up their arguments with some form of sourcing. In fact a brief check in at the OT seems to suggest the 12 year olds still hang around, although I recall the odd face that seems to be produce intelligent posts (the only ones) and pushing the forces of sense.

    granted, this is the view of just one guy in the console forum, but i can tell that the sentiment can build... is anyone else here besides me at all offended by this????

    go check out the thread

    Would you like some soap with your opera?


      Originally posted by Killdozer
      Would you like some soap with your opera?

      no, i use IE


        Feh, don't let some loser like that bother ya. He's just jealous that OT is so much better than Gaming Consoles
        You got a sad song?

        I got a sad one too.

        Bye guys. It's been a lot of fun.


          Yay, let's have forum wars within the same forum!!

          Or not.