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How to figure LCD 4:3 aspect size compared to Tube TV size?

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    How to figure LCD 4:3 aspect size compared to Tube TV size?

    I've been happy with my gaming/dvd 30" LCD in a spare bedroom for over a year now. In the living room is my 10 year old pre-marriage Sony 32" tube TV. I never got executive accountant approval to upgrade that one and my wife mostly watchs it anyway. That TV finally blew a gun.

    Now, I've ordered a DirectTV upgrade to HD Direct TV with a dual tuner HD DVR for the living room.(but) I know my wife is in for the shock that normal TV channels will look like crap (most channels will still be non HD of course).
    A) a lot of screen will be missing
    B) Zoom version #1 is going to look OK but clip 10% of the picture
    C) Zoom version #2 is going to not clip 10% but look distorted

    What I'm having a hard time figuring out is how to determine what the 4:3 aspect square will compare to on a square TV.

    37" LCD in 4:3 = Picture size of a 26" Standard Tube TV
    40" LCD in 4:3 = Picture size of a 30" Standard Tube TV

    Trust me... being able to say "honey, this LCD is going to give you a square picture for normal channels the same size (or 2" less - whatever) than the tube TV you're use to.

    Thanks for any info

    4:3 is 4:3 whether its on LCD or a regular tube tv...


      If you mean 16:9 ... you have to get a 40 inch 16:9 television to get the same 4:3 image size. You can do the math or just multiply the tube tv's diagonal size by 1.2238 according to Doing the math yourself will also give you 39.1616 for a 32 inch 4:3 tv.
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        I think he means 16:9, since I have never heard of or seen a 4:3 LCD tv over 30 inches.


          im sure he wants to know what size would a 4:3 image be on a x-size 16:9 LCD..
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            That is pretty basic math.

            16:9 aspect:
            Diagonal x 0.49091 = Height

            4:3 apsect:
            Height x 1.667 = Diagonal

            16:9 Diagonal * 0.49091 * 1.666(unlimited 6s)= 4:3 Diagonal

            reduces to

            16: Diagonal * 0.81818333 (unlimited 3s) = 4:3 Diagonal

            Qucik calc:

            26 21,27276658
            32 26,18186656
            42 34,36369986
            54 44,18189982


              You can also use TV Calculator. It is a very handy website.