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The 'real' nVidia press release on Yahoo!

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    The 'real' nVidia press release on Yahoo!

    Read it here, and enjoy:
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    *lol* Nice one...

    "About NVIDIA

    NVIDIA Corporation is a cheater in visual computing technology dedicated to creating products that ruin the interactive experience on consumer and professional computing platforms."


      excellent work there hanners....It looks 100% authentic


        *sigh of content*

        You should make the stock go down though.


          Originally posted by Yeuemmaimai
          excellent work there hanners....It looks 100% authentic
          Well, all the quotes from websites are 100% authentic. It's just as easy to make a product look bad as it is to make it look good when you take snippets of a review.
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            I give it the "'Yeehaw we made it out of the collapsing deathstar alive' Lando yells" award.
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            Originally posted by guest
            My spouse is in child support enforcement so I'll always be happily married. :)


              Good stuff

              Fun read
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              My g card mod

     Funniest thing on the planet!!!!


                I swear _leech_=oct13.....

                They have the same attitude

                Nice job hanners
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                  Nice job and congratulations!

                  You made the front page of Elite Bastards! (And I did it before I ran it by any other editors...Quinn is gonna have a conniption. )

                  I 'specially liked this bit:
                  Certain statements in this press release, including any statements relating to the Company's performance expectations for NVIDIA's family of products and expectations of continued revenue growth, are lies. Such lies and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, manufacturing and other delays relating to new products, difficulties in the fabrication process and dependence of the Company on third-party manufacturers, general industry trends including cyclical trends in the PC and semiconductor industries, the impact of competitive products and pricing alternatives, market acceptance of the Company's new products, and the Company's dependence on third-party developers and publishers. Investors are advised to read the Company's Annual Report on Form 10-K and quarterly reports on Form 10-Q filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, particularly those sections entitled "Certain Business Risks," for a fuller discussion of these and other BS and uncertainties.

                  I sure hope you're out of their legal jurisdiction...
                  Just me, no frills. :)


                    A+++ dude, that was so great.


                      ****, looked good to me.
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                        Originally posted by oct13
                        Yawn...more boring fanboyism
                        You're kidding, right?

                        Here's a couple of instances where this is just blatent nVidia advertising:

                        First, the firingsquad quote as they had it:

                        'NVIDIA's 256MB GeForce FX 5900 Ultra is the fastest graphics accelerator on the market'

                        Now, as it's in the review:

                        'NVIDIA’s 256MB GeForce FX 5900 Ultra is the fastest graphics accelerator on the market, albeit with slightly lesser image quality than ATI’s RADEON 9800 PRO.'

                        Second, as they had it:

                        'The GeForce FX 5900 is the fastest card in all resolutions, under all conditions, but it really begins to pull ahead with antialiasing turned on, especially at the higher resolutions,'

                        Now as it's in the review:

                        'The FX 5900 vindicates NVIDIA's attempts and we tentatively feel they've earned the crown as King of the 3D Performance Hill. Without hard 9800PRO numbers of our own to compare we cannot state with certainty that the 5900 is absolutely the top of its class...

                        Third, 3DGPU:

                        'The GeForce FX 5900 Ultra is the fastest card we have ever seen.'

                        Of course, since it's the only review 3DGPU has ever done, ANY card would be the fastest they've ever seen.

                        These are just the 3 I took the time to look up, not to mention the stuff that Hanners listed. I don't deny that the GF5900 is a good card, but there's a fine line between advertising and journalism, and that line is being objective.
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                          nice one hanners!