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Radeon 3850—AMD Gets Back in the Game

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    Radeon 3850—AMD Gets Back in the Game

    Radeon HD-3850 is the best value graphics card today:

    When we take the average frame rate at each resolution and divide that into the price, we get the average "dollars per FPS" for the card. In this case, remember lower is better. But it doesn't tell the whole story: absolute performance matters as well. In our review of the 8800 GT, we were shocked by the fantastic value that was maintained while offering the kind of raw performance you had to spend $400 to get before. The Radeon HD 3850 can't match the raw performance of the GeForce 8800 GT. But at the time of this writing, we couldn't find a standard, non-overclocked 8800 GT for less than $269. At a suggested retail price of about $180, the Radeon HD 3850 actually offers a better dollars-to-FPS ratio. That's impressive.

    Source: ExtremeTech

    So where can one buy one of these? And for the $219 price tag? None of this inflated by demand BS.
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      For simplicity's sake, I have created a master RADEON HD 3870/3850 review thread. Further discussion of the topic should be conducted there.

      With that being said, this thread has been taken off the front page and is now closed.