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Microsoft DirectStorage 1.1 with GPU Decompression Now Available for PC

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    Microsoft DirectStorage 1.1 with GPU Decompression Now Available for PC

    If you would like to know more about DirectStorage 1.1 and GPU decompression, please refer to the following two DirectX Developer Blog entries on the subject:

    DirectStorage 1.1 Coming Soon – 10/13/2022

    DirectStorage 1.1 Now Available – 11/07/2022

    Several weeks ago, Microsoft announced that DirectStorage 1.1 was “coming soon” to PC, and now the time has officially arrived. DirectStorage 1.1 is now available for any dev hoping to use the tech in their game. For those unfamiliar, the DirectStorage API allows PC developers to stream more efficiently from NVMe SSDs potentially reducing processing overhead. This was one of the hyped aspects of the Xbox Series X/S’ “Velocity Architecture,” but the new API brings DirectStorage to PC.

    Based on Microsoft’s highly-optimized tests, DirectStorage 1.1 with GPU decompression can offer up to 3x faster loading than DirectStorage 1.0.

    DirectStorage for PC has a lot of potential, but not a lot of support thus far. Square Enix’s Forspoken, which releases in January, will be the first game to take advantage of the tech after the horror game Scorn clarified it wasn’t using it. Hopefully, more support is forthcoming.

    Source: Wccftech