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AMD "Navi 31" GPU Has Supposedly Been Pictured

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    AMD "Navi 31" GPU Has Supposedly Been Pictured

    Navi 31 is the rumored flagship GPU of the Radeon RX 7000 Series, which AMD will be officially announcing later today.

    The picture shows a new chiplet design featuring one GCD and six MCDs. The website has already provided estimated sizes, possibly based on this very picture. It is estimated that the GPU with all chiplets could measure around 533 mm², but the package size is as big as 55×47.5 mm (2612 mm&#178.

    The Navi 31 GPU codenamed “Plum Bonito” has made many appearances over the last year in various leaks and rumors. This is a 5nm GPU with up to 12288 Stream Processors and 96MB of Infinity Cache. This graphics processor is said to support 384-bit memory bus and capacities up to 24GB of GDDR6 20 Gbps for the Radeon RX 7900 XTX.

    Sources:, Angstronomics

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