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AMD Releases AM5 AGESA, Reintroduces C-State Boost Limiter w/ >4 Cores Loaded

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    AMD Releases AM5 AGESA, Reintroduces C-State Boost Limiter w/ >4 Cores Loaded

    Available now or coming soon, depending on your motherboard and its manufacturer.

    AMD released the latest version of the AGESA microcode for Socket AM5 platform. The new version most notably reintroduces a Precision Boost C-state limiter that [accidentally?] got removed with version This limiter prevents the CPU cores from boosting above 5.50 GHz when more than 4 cores are active (i.e. experiencing heavy workload). SkatterBencher demonstrated how this affects performance on Ryzen 7000-series desktop processors.

    NopBench, a utility developed by ElmorLabs, lets you figure out the maximum boost frequency obtainable as workload scales across available CPU cores (i.e. starting from 1-thread, to n-thread). NopBench invokes the NOP instruction, and measures the number of NOP instructions can be processed per second. To make the NOP throughput comparable among processors of different microarchitectures, an architecture-specific factor is used, which for "Raphael" is 2.5x. By comparing the NOP throughput of a Ryzen 9 7950X processor tested with AGESA to (ASUS ROG Crosshair X670E Extreme BIOS versions 0611 vs. 0705); SkatterBencher was able to confirm that that the boost limiter is back in place, and limits Precision Boost frequency to 5.50 GHz when the NopBench load exceeds 4 cores.

    Source: TechPowerUp, SkatterBencher

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