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Reddit Users Report NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPUs with Melted 16-pin Power Connectors

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    Reddit Users Report NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPUs with Melted 16-pin Power Connectors

    The cause of the burning and melting of the connectors is not definitively known at this time, but the article states a plausible hypothesis.

    Two redditors report that their RTX 4090 graphics cards are now dead, and melted power connectors might be the reason why.

    Redditors reggie_gakil and NoDuelsPolicyy today posted photos of their RTX 4090 graphics cards with melted 16-pin (aka 12VHPWR) connectors. Their cards have gone bust, and NVIDIA’s new 600W might have been the culprit.

    Reggie’s card caught fire and there was smoke involved, while Duel’s card simply went dead and the melted power adapter/connector were later discovered. Both cards the latest RTX 4090 graphics cards, which are the first models in the new lineup to feature the 16-pin power connector.

    Before the RTX 4090 card was even released, a story came up that PCI-SIG (the body behind the PCIe specs) was concerned about ‘thermal variance’ for new power adapters. It was later revealed that it was NVIDIA who reported the issue to PCI-SIG.

    After testing various implementations of the new 12VHPWR connector, the company concluded that severe bending and exceeding connection cycles beyond 40 may result in thermal hotspots and in some cases even melting of the cables

    Sources:, Reddit, Wccftech

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