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TSMC Might Face Revenue Shock As AMD’s PC Shipments Fall, Says Analyst

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    TSMC Might Face Revenue Shock As AMD’s PC Shipments Fall, Says Analyst

    AMD’s difficulties might have a knock-on effect on TSMC.

    After chip designer Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (AMD) announced yesterday that its third fiscal quarter of 2022 revenue would drop over the guidance that it had provided in the prior quarter, an analyst in Taiwan believes that the announcement will make forecasting the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company's (TSMC) revenues tricky. TSMC is the world's largest contract chip manufacturer, and its partnership with AMD has proven key in the latter's ability to regularly deliver technologically advanced products to the market. TSMC's importance in the global semiconductor ecosystem has grown over the past couple of years, especially as AMD's larger rival Intel Corporation's rate of innovation slowed down.

    With both AMD and TSMC's latest financial figures out in the open, analyst Lu Xingzhi believes that TSMC's orders and revenue for the next year will become unpredictable as the semiconductor industry deals with supply chain problems and economic slowdown. According to a report, Xingzhi outlines that the high performance computing (HPC) industry is still far away from having certainty about customer demand, and major players, which are also TSMC's customers, are unclear of the demand for their products for the current quarter.

    Source: Wccftech