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Jensen Huang: NVLink Support in "Ada Lovelace" Is Gone

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    Jensen Huang: NVLink Support in "Ada Lovelace" Is Gone

    This means that, for the first time since 2004, a flagship GeForce product will not support a multi-GPU bridge connector.

    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang in a call with the press today confirmed that Ada loses the NVLink connector. This marks the end of any possibility of explicit multi-GPU, and marks the complete demise of SLI (over a separate physical interface). Jensen stated that the reason behind removing the NVLink connector was because they needed the I/O for "something else," and decided against spending the resources to wire out an NVLink interface. NVIDIA's engineers also wanted to make the most out of the silicon area at their disposal to "cram in as much AI processing as we could". Jen-Hsun continued with "and also, because Ada is based on Gen 5, PCIe Gen 5, we now have the ability to do peer-to-peer cross-Gen 5 that's sufficiently fast that it was a better tradeoff". We reached out to NVIDIA to confirm and their answer is:

    "Ada does not support PCIe Gen 5, but the Gen 5 power connector is included.

    "PCIe Gen 4 provides plenty of bandwidth for graphics usages today, so we felt it wasn't necessary to implement Gen 5 for this generation of graphics cards. The large framebuffers and large L2 caches of Ada GPUs also reduce utilization of the PCIe interface."

    Source: techPowerUp!

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